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Kitty Likes to lick...Tip 58

October 3rd, 2005, 05:35 PM
Hi, I was reading tip number 58 from this site and I was wondering if anyone could elaborate on a certain part. We adopted our cat from the humane society and so we know very little about her past (actually we know nothing). She always comes onto us when we are lying down and starts licking us...ALOT. the Tip said "It is comforting behaviour that is usually found in cats that were separated from their mothers before 12 weeks." I was wondering if anyonw could tell me A) Is it a positive thing (is she happy while doing this) and B) Is our kitty emotionally scarred...if so, should we be aware of anything?

Let me know what you all think, much appreciated,


October 4th, 2005, 12:46 PM
One of my 2 kittens LOVES to lick and massage, especially when she's sitting on my lap. They both grew up with me and are now 6 months old and have totally distinct personalities. As far as I know, it's natural behavior that they express when they're content.

October 4th, 2005, 01:18 PM

Our boy, Sunny LOVES to lick us. We adopted him from our local HS a little over a year ago and we considered calling him "Licky" ;) He also kneads on our laps (purring away) and he loves to knead my husband's armpit first thing in the morning (Love my husband, but :yuck: ). We have always understood both these behaviours to be the result of his being separated from his mother when he was too young. He is also a 3-legged cat (and no one knows his history). He was at a shelter for a long time and no one wanted to adopt him because he only has 3 legs. He was scheduled to be euthanized - but the folks at the shelter really liked him and told our local HS about him. They took him in to be their mascot (no more living in a cage for him) where he would live out his days until a family adopted him. We fell in love with him at first sight. We got comments like "That cat is going to have major issues" or "Of all the cats you could have adopted, you chose him?" or "A 3-legged cat that no body wanted and you guys adopted him?" from many people when we first adopted him. It was sad actually. I don't think anybody said "Congratulations!". The very first positive responses I got for adopting Sunny was from this forum.

Who knows if he is emotionally scarred - or what his previous life was like. He's a big-time love-sponge and likes lots of attention. We spoil him - He's the little prince of our house :king: Just the other day my husband was saying that we probably couldn't find a more perfect addition to our family if we tried. Our boy has brought us a lot of joy. He is a delightful cat! :love:

My husband and daughter don't mind the licking - but his rough little tongue can start to bug me. But Sunny is a clever boy (we think he is brilliant....) and he caught on quickly. He still comes over and will start kissing me and I will always coo and say something like "Oh...nice kisses for mummy" But once I say "Thank you" - he knows to stop. After we first got him, I just started saying "Thank you" gently but firmly and he would look at me and then I would get up and leave, or move my arm, leg (or what ever part of me was getting a 'bath'.) I guess he figured out this means stop. I use the same tone we use when we say "Noooo" to him. Gentle, but firm.

He caught on to the "thank you" command so quickly, that we started to use it whenever we when we're playing with him (he is quite the little hunter and when he catches the toy we're playing with, he will usually attack it like it was prey and try to kill it, but once we say Thank You - he stops and lets the bird, string, mouse, etc. go so we can start the game again).

The only thing that really annoys me is when he decides he wants to lick my hair when I'm sleeping. He gets a "Noooo" for that and he will usually stop. If he doesn't, I tell him to go "at the feet" (same tone - he respondes very well to it) and he will go and curl up at the foot of the bed. My husband and I don't mind him cuddling up by our heads, (sometimes he just purrs so loud it wakes us up - my husband is a big Sunny-suck and will cuddle him when he purrs like this.) But those odd time he licks my hair (or my husbands) -- he has to go to the foot of the bed.

I'm certainly no expert...but that's what we did and it seemed to work!

Re your question about this being a positive thing -- Well, again, since I'm no expert, I don't really know. I'm assuming it is (we've always treated it as being's a lot of kissing, but kisses are what we call them).

By the way, our boy has turned all those folks who questioned our judgement about adopting a cat "with issues" into big Sunny fans! They love the way he runs to greet them when they come to call, purring, licking, rubbing.

Enjoy your new cat!

October 4th, 2005, 01:34 PM
Thanks for the stories, we treat it as a positive thing as well! I think the licking is just a unique part of her personality.