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My Rant - Irresponsible people in off leash areas

October 2nd, 2005, 08:23 PM
I'm so teed I could spit right now. People shouldn't be allowed to use off leash area unelss they can control their dogs and know the rules. Like, you use the off leash area not the whole park. You teach your dog that come means come, not it's ok to ignore me or yes I'll chase you when I ask you to come.

My back gate opens up on to a park that has an off leash area, which is a designated spot down a hill at one end of the park, not that you would ever know it by the way people allow thier dogs to roam. When I had my last two dogs, they both were ill at the end of their lives one had degenerative disk disease the other cancer. I always had to be careful when walking them, dogs from the bottom of the hill who were not in the off leash area would come running up the hill at them. If I told the owners to call their dogs back 95% of the time the owner was ignored or would say the dog is friendly, which was not my concern. I just plain didn't want dogs running at mine.

Today, for the umpteenth time I had to contend with a dog on the other side of my back gate going at it with Lola under the gate. The owner half way down the lane way, ignoring it as if nothing happend. Lola is corrected for barking at passing dogs, yet this ______ person thought it was ok, to let his dog get into aggression mode.

The stupidity exhibited by some people amazes me. :mad: