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Another Odin behaviour

October 1st, 2005, 08:37 AM
Odin has been doing something for the last few months, more often now. When he sees another dog he knows he isn't supposed to pull. So...he PLOPS down instead. Only with little dogs though (which he used to snap at) he now if he sees one and he knows if he's good he may get to meet them, he will just drop to his belly. It's so weird and cute at the same time. As soon as the little dog (or puppy) gets near, he just drops to the ground. And it's not like it's gradual, he just plops!! He will stay there and wait till the other dog comes over and he will gradually get up and sniff.

Makes me happy to think he is finally getting used to small dogs better.

He only does it on leash that I've seen though. did it at a meetup with Ruby once, off leash in a dog park (Ruby is my friends's 4 month old bulldog puppy).

I guess it's a submissive thing, but also a "look mom, I'm being a good boy. Will you let me see the cute little doggy?"