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Victoria do park could end up disk golf course

September 29th, 2005, 03:05 AM
Hello fellow Dog lovers

I was wondering if you had heard about the purposed disc golf course for Henderson Park?

I am one of many citizens of Victoria who enjoy the freedom offered by this wonderful park and would hate to see it change in as dramatic a way as is proposed by the Uvic student disc golf society.

As most dog owners are aware there are almost no areas specific to the needs of dogs/dog owners in Victoria that are not limited 6 months of the year or are "shared" with sporting activities. The work that has been done at the Henderson facility in the past year has been wonderful. The location offers something truly unique and wonderful dog enthusiasts and has become a meeting ground and small community.

Adding an element of organized sporting would dramatically alter the atmosphere and cause a potential safety hazard to the animals. There has been much property damage and carelessness that can be attributed to disc golf. Cars at the university have been damaged along with arbutus trees and totem poles.

There are many other options on Vancouver Island for disc golf but not so many havens for dogs. I cannot attend the community meeting myself do to prior commitments on the night in question but I urge you to forward this email to anyone who could attend.

The letter reads as follows:

Dear Neighbour

The University of Victoria Student disc golf club have presented a
Proposal to the university for a temporary recreational disc course on a
Portion of the Cedar Hill property (the undeveloped university land along the
North side of Cedar Hill Road east of University drive). There is a growing
Demand for disc golf facilities among students at uvic and the university is
Attempting to meet their recreational needs.

Students have spent a great deal of time designing a course layout that has a
Minimal impact on the property's natural surroundings and does not interfere with
current recreational activities on the property. This temporary use is consistent with
UVic's campus plan for this site.

Uvic is inviting you to learn more about this proposal at a community
Information session on:

Thursday, 29 September 2005
David Strong Building, room C1112

For further information contact Kathryn Oliphant in athletics and
recreation at 721-8409

That’s about it but check out the web link to see some “minimal” impact.

Thanks for your time
Duane Soebagio ( Dog owner )