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Cat vomits furball, then runs around like mad

September 27th, 2005, 06:48 PM
Hi all,

Anybody know why my 3 yro male kitty has been waking me up in the midle of the night running like mad through the room immediately after throwing up a furball? I seriously have NOT seen this type of running around, it looks like something is seriously physically the matter with him. (This isn't the typical "adrenaline rush" run that cats sometimes do). This happened one other time about 3 months ago, but he only reacted this way after I tried to walk up to him to see if the was ok (his wretching noise was sooo loud it woke me up).

Also, this may or may not be related, but about a month ago, he was running around like mad on only his front legs, with his back legs curled up under his chest, and he let out a little poopy, then he calmed down after about 5 minutes later.

Oh, and I just realized the other night we came home and he usually runs down to greet us, but I know he was sleeping on our bed. When I called him down for dinner (which he usually RACES to get), I heard him jump off our bed and he must have crawled underneath cuz that's where I found him. Finally, he came downstairs and seemed REALLY nervous, checking things out, for about 20 minutes!

this is really strange behavior for him. He's lived with us ever since he was a baby, so there's nothing in his environment that has changed. I'm just really concerned that this might be a medical issue? he's also been really constipated and had a urinary tract infection about a month ago, but he seems to be doing fine in that area.

Anybody else's cat have a similar behavior episode? What was the problem?

Please help :confused:

September 28th, 2005, 09:07 AM
You have given many symptoms. Please bring your cat to a vet to have him properly diagnosed.

Lathargy, constipation, reluctance to use hind legs, and overly nervous can all be signs of different problems.

If nothing has changed in your home, and you've checked to make sure there's nothing he could have ingested to caused these problems, then he may have more going on than meets the eye.

It must sound like I'm pressing "play" on a tape recorder, but bring him to a vet. This is very difficult to diagnose over the internet.