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Cat is "pissed off"

September 26th, 2005, 07:58 PM

I have a torti kitty that has decided to show her displeasure by peeing (urinating) on my bed. I know why she's doing it, but I can't run my life according to her ideas of what is right. (for one thing I couldn't afford to feed her)

What is the best way of solving this behavior?

She has a cat door and a clean litter box. Since Coyotes got my big male kitty I have been closing the cat door at night, and not allowing her out after 5:00pm.

Any suggestions?

Lucky Rescue
September 27th, 2005, 09:34 AM
Hard to answer your question without more information.

How old is your cat? How long has she been doing this? Why do YOU think she's doing it?

Cats don't have any idea of what is "right" - they just react in various ways to stressful situations.

September 30th, 2005, 12:04 PM
Here are some things to think about.

If your bed smells like urine already, (its a really hard smell to get out) then that could be a reason why she goes back. If her litter box is in the basement and she like to hang out on the second floor, your bed is much closer.

Your version of a clean box and her idea of a clean box might not be a the same. My cat wants her box cleaned daily, might accept every second day but heaven help you if you leave it any longer. Does she use the box at all?

You say you know why she's doing it but can't live your life around what she thinks is right... What do you mean? You figure she's protesting about not being able to go outside?

You need to give more info about the details of the problem so you can get a better response... You aren't giving us much to work with :confused:

September 30th, 2005, 04:13 PM
We have this tendancy to anthropomorphisize our animals and this is just the wrong way to think about it. Cats think like, well, CATS! They do not get jealous per se. Usually though, inappropriate urination is an indication your cat is attempting to communicate something to you. Either he is ill, hates the litter box (it is not clean enuf, in a place he dislikes,) or is stressed about something. The first course of action is a trip to the vet to rule out health probs and then if it is not that, work on what the behaviour issue is. Also, you do have to clean the area extremely well!!!! Don;t use Javex since the kitty will think the amonia smell is urine and will of course think that is where he should go.

Is she spayed? Up to date on vaccinations? Might she have contracted some disease outside?

October 3rd, 2005, 12:41 PM
Has she begun doing this just recently or is it an ongoing problem?

Has anything changed in the house recently? New carpeting? New pets? Has the litter box moved?

What kind of litter do you use? Some cats can be very, very picky. Generally they prefer "sandy" feeling litter like the clumping kind. Also, cats can be turned off by scented litters. They don't want their litter box to smell like roses. How about getting a second litter box and trying a new kind of litter to see if she likes one more than the other?

Other things to think about:

Is the litter box large enough?

Is it covered? Some cats don't like covered boxes because
- the stink is stuck inside with them--yuck!
- it can be hard for bigger cats to turn around to cover their litter

Do you have other pets? Have they been acting in a way that could deter your kitty from using the litter box? Some dogs have an unfortunate liking for cat poop . . . Maybe your cat is trying to find a spot "safe" from Fido. Or maybe a more dominant cat has been bullying her away from the litter box.

If your cat is ULTRA picky, she may want one litter box for poop and one for pee. Some kitties do.

The number one reason for cats urinating outside the box is that they don't like the litter, though.


October 23rd, 2005, 01:32 PM
Domesticated animals do learn many behaviors from thier human counter parts. In a way by associating with humans for so many thousands of years they have anthropomorphasized (sp) themselves :) That said:

She does use her litter box, my house is very small so the distance is not a factor. (I used to have a ferret that would only use the litter box if it was in the same room with him! sheesh) The only time she exhibits this behavior is when I lock her cat door, although lately she seems to be more resigned to it. I also no longer work nights, so I've been home in the evenings when the door is locked.

It is the same kitty litter I've (hmm, she's) been using for the past couple of years. So again not the problem.

She hasn't had a repeat episode since I posted, so maybe I just can't work nights! It may well be a matter of me rearranging my schedule and not a training issue at all. She seems to have bonded to me beyond any of my expectations, follows me everywhere. When I go to the neighbors (through the woods) she waits on the porch and walks me home! She will even go with us when I take the dog for a walk.

She really is a strange kitty. :P

Thank you for your help.

October 24th, 2005, 02:41 PM
Just because you take her accidents offensively, doesn't mean she's "pissed off". Cats are not capable of premeditating things like this and being spiteful.

Inappropriate elimination is a common feline behavior that is a response to stress. You are ruling out things too quickly IMO. It really could be anything that's causing her to be stressed right now.

edit - let me rephrase that, just because humans take offense to having our beds peed on, doesn't mean she's pissed off. Did not mean for it to sound like I was being confrontational.