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Car Pool Dilemma. What would you do?

September 24th, 2005, 07:57 PM
I have a car pool dilemma. I originally started car pooling to work everyday with this women. We would each alternate one week of driving. Recently her sister started working at the same place. She doesn't have a car right now so she is riding with us.

Well the one sister, that I originally started car pooling with is for some reason mad at the other sister and hasn't spoken to her for about 3 days/nor has she spoken to me ( I asked her if it was me she was mad at, and she said no she was mad at her sister, but wasn't going to talk to her about it, and the other sister wont talk to her either.

So the drive to and from work is unbearable because this women is not speaking one word, and just has a blank stare on her face the whole way. Personally I think she is being really rude and it is really started to frustrate me, now I feel like I want to scream at her. I am at the point where I want to just tell them to work it out and I will just drive by myself and pay the full cost for my own cost.

My husband told me just to turn the radio up because gas was to expensive. Which I did yesterday I turned it up as far as it would go. Right now this is the only reason why I am car pooling with these people.

Which is more important my sanity or the price of gas?

September 24th, 2005, 08:03 PM
How much in cash do you save by doing this?

September 24th, 2005, 08:07 PM
I estimate my gas costs about 320 bucks a months so I save about half that a month which is 160.00.

September 24th, 2005, 08:17 PM
160 bucks is nothing to sneeze at, IMO. How long is the drive? Can you yap on your cell? (In heavy traffic let's say) Afew drives with you on the phone and ignoring them might take the "punch" out of their obvious rudeness and stupidity.

God!! Poor you!! People ar eso rude!! and you're the driver!!! Sheesh!!

good luck!

September 24th, 2005, 08:20 PM
The drive is an agonising 45 minutes each way, I can't really yap on my cell on the way their as it is at 6am and I don't know anyone up at that hour.

Part of the problem is I have to talk to unhappy people for 8 hours straight everyday and have to deal with this women too.

September 24th, 2005, 08:41 PM
well...6 am in b.c. is 9 a.m. in Montreal!!!

Get one of those free long distance cell plans and I'll yap with ya!!!! :D

September 24th, 2005, 08:44 PM
As an afterthought, you do customer service as a living... "talking with miserable people" you say, so I'll assume it's CS.

I'm sure you can handle these two!!

Let them know how much of a drag they're making the trip!!

September 24th, 2005, 09:00 PM
As I was reading your first post, I was thinking "turn up the radio" but your husband beat me to it.
Bring book tapes! (I love them and carry one with me everywhere)

September 24th, 2005, 09:13 PM
here is what I could maybe do.

-play Barney tapes in the car
-play bible tapes in the car
-spill milk in the car and forget to clean it and leave it in the sun.
-stop on the way home to run errands and leave them in the car for two hours
-pick my nose
-leave the passanger window open and tell her it is stuck like that.
-talk about how incredibly happy I am and how I just want to chat the whole way
-make them wear their seatbelts
-Drive straight home at let them walk the 5k home to work things out.

September 24th, 2005, 09:29 PM

Atta girl!!! :thumbs up

I like the 5 k walk one !!! And the errands!!!

do it do it do it !!!

September 24th, 2005, 10:46 PM
Well I just got some possible good news.

My husband just called from the pub where he is the bar manager. Before this job I worked for an investment firm in town. Unfortunatley it didnt work out and I was let go ( I will spare the details). One of the advisors that also worked there went to another firm just before I left. Came into the the pub and was talking to my husband and was asking about me. My husband told him that it did not work out at my old job. He asked my husband if I would be interested in working for him in town. If it worked out it would be so much better. I wouldnt have to worry about car pooling with miserable people. I know this guy and he is easygoing like me so I really think it could work out. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Also winter is coming and I am dreading driving that highway everyday and risking an accident not to mention the money I am paying in gas to get there.

September 24th, 2005, 11:55 PM
Bit confused by the "-make them wear their seatbelts"
I don't care if they are grown women, they'd be wearing their seatblets regardless. My car does not move unless all seat belts are fastened!

September 24th, 2005, 11:59 PM
how long is the ride??
Take no offense but I assume you're one of those women who absolutely cannot keep quiet. Or perhaps you feel uncomfortable about the silence and the fight?? well all i can say is that
a) you shouldn't feel guilty for their fight and shouldn't feel obligated to start up a conversation to get them talking. it's their fight, let them solve it.
b)continuing with A, I don't think that not talking to each other is very nice or a good way to handle this issue, especially since you're stuck in the middle.Do you know why they're giving each other the silent treatment?? maybe you should explain the way you feel.

can the car accomodate another person?that way soemone else could join the group and you can talk to her/him.

lastly...i think carpooling is healthy for the environment. More ppl should do it.

good luck! I hope they start talking to each other.

September 25th, 2005, 12:56 AM
Bit confused by the "-make them wear their seatbelts"
I don't care if they are grown women, they'd be wearing their seatblets regardless. My car does not move unless all seat belts are fastened!
I do that too. Sometimes, if we're in a deserted place, I drive a foot and then slam on the brakes over and over till they get the hint. I tell people "I can't drive safely when my passengers don't wear seatbelts. It's a huge distraction for me." :evil: :evil:

A lady I lived with for a bit in Ireland had her rosary prayers on tape. It was about an hour of latin mumbling... I should ask her to make me a copy for you... :D

If it was me... "If you two twits don't cut this out, I'm going to turn this car RIGHT AROUND and go home. I'm fed up with this CRAP." Heh heh heh. I use that speech on my doggies... If only they understood. :sad:

September 25th, 2005, 07:41 AM
I have mentioned the seatbelt thing to them, they just say dont worry I'll pay the fine. I hope we get pulled over and they have to pay it. My front seats have automatic seat belts so the shoulder strap is always on I make sure this is always hooked up. Anyways maybe if this other job works out I won't have to deal with them.

Also I am a chatty but not excessively and yes days on end of silence does get on my nerves. If it is still continuing today I will tell them how I feel and I will make them wear their Gosh darn seatbelts!

Have a greatday everyone! :D

September 25th, 2005, 11:47 AM
I thought in Qc the DRIVER gets 2 demerit points too... Are they going to pay for those too when your license renewal comes up?

September 25th, 2005, 06:25 PM
In this situation, I think I would bring it up in the presence of both of them. Just a simple blunt question, such as, "I don't mean to pry, but are you two ever going to work this out, or do all three of us need to be miserable?"

If that doesn't get the point across, I would dig up my ABBA greatest hits album and sing at the top of my lungs until they beg for mercy.

As a last resort--I'd tell them I'm driving myself to work until they work it out. It will put a financial burden on them too and, with some time alone, perhaps they will even talk it over.

September 25th, 2005, 07:35 PM
I am most concerned about the lack of seat belt use (It's the physician in me I guess). It is your responsibility as the driver to ensure your passengers wear their belts and in Quebec, if they do not and you are stopped by the Surte (no accent on my laptop and I am too lazy to find the char map, lol), is is YOU, not them, who will be hurt the most. YOU will loose two demerit points and pay a $90 fine!!!! So, tell them to buckle up or they do not drive with you. I am like Prin. If anyone gets in my vehicle and fails to buckle up,the vehicle stays put or they get out!!! No ifs ands or buts. Our hospital has a Safety Link campaign.

As for these juvenile like women, I would tell them to grow up!!! Seriously, talk to them. I like some of the ideas- the Latin Roasry sounds keel, lol - but they ARE rather passive aggressive. Can you not simply talk to them about it?

September 25th, 2005, 07:46 PM
This women is rude its not so much her sister, I told them to wear their seatbelts the one sister did, and the other one sat there in silence like I was talking to a brick wall. I feel like I am driving to work with a stubborn 2 year old but it is a 30 something + year old women. I am thinking of tipping of the cops and having them pull them us over so they get hit with the fines.

I dont think about my seatbelt its on automatically as is my kids and my dog.

Bye the way Cyberkitten are you back from NO hope all went well considering the circumstances, thats great of you to go down and help. :)

September 25th, 2005, 07:58 PM
ABBA is WAYYYYY to harsh.....I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. I think I'd go insane from listening to it.

As for the sisters, maybe you should just suggest that you only have room for one, since they hate eachother. When they work things out (hopefully like grown women), then they can both hitch a ride with you.

I'm pretty outspoken, so I'd probably confront both of them at the same time while trapped in a moving vehicle. Then they'd have no chance on escaping eachother. If things get really bad, (like a fist fight in your car) just open the doors and kick them out.

September 25th, 2005, 08:12 PM
Well I am not confrontational person and when I do confront people they freak out because its totally unexpected but I am near my breaking point. The seat belt thing has bothered me since day one. She drove right past a seatbelt check when she was driving and never bothered to put it on unfortunately they were checking people going to other way and missed her.

I am going to google BC and seatbelt laws and see what we come up with.

September 25th, 2005, 08:40 PM
Make both of them sit in the back seat. This way if they are not speaking it is like you are travelling on your own.

September 25th, 2005, 09:35 PM
BullloverABBA is WAYYYYY to harsh.....I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. I think I'd go insane from listening to it

I actually like ABBA and I like to play it loud so I can sing at the top of my lungs.

I think I might also play the Grease soundtrack as well.

Making them sit in the very back is a great idea they are two rows behind me and the speakers are really loud back there. :) They wont be able to talk even if they wanted too.

September 25th, 2005, 10:31 PM
what about a little Village People? They make everyone happy :D

September 25th, 2005, 10:32 PM
Spill some water on the front seat and tell them the dog had an accident on it and you didn't have time to clean it. Remember to leave nothing available that they may want to put on it to sit there.

September 25th, 2005, 10:32 PM
I actually like ABBA and I like to play it loud so I can sing at the top of my lungs. Ma? Is that you? :D :D My mom was an abba freak!

September 25th, 2005, 10:48 PM
Ma? Is that you? :D :D My mom was an abba freak!

Mine too. I think that's why I dislike them so much. :sick:

September 25th, 2005, 10:51 PM
My my, I tried to hold you back but you were stronger
Oh yeah, and now it seems my only hope is giving up the fight
And how could I ever refuse
I feel like I win when I lose

Waterloo - I was defeated, you won the war
Waterloo - Promise to love you for ever more
Waterloo - Couldn't escape if I wanted to
Waterloo - Knowing my fate is to be with you
Waterloo - Finally facing my Waterloo
ABBA "Waterloo" 1974

Now tell me that wouldn't get them talking again...

Actually, I highly recommend singing loudly on the way to work anyway. Does wonders for my mood and I'm so much more awake and alert when I get there.

September 25th, 2005, 11:45 PM
You are my dancing queen, doo doo doo, only seventeen, oh yeah... You can dance, you can fly, having the time of your life...ooooo see that girl, watch bla bla, she is the dancing queeeeeeen...

Just sing it loud and without knowing all the words... That'll do the trick, no? :D

September 26th, 2005, 12:46 AM
Actually, I am still in La (Boton Rouge) - just got off the phone from talking to my sister in Quebec - forgot the time difference, La is two hours ahead of the Maritimes and one hr ahead of Que. I am sorry , for some reason I thought you were in Quebec, not sure why - too distracted, I apologize!

And Prin, now I will have that Danciung Queen song in my head ALL nite. Wahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

In BC, "MVA 220 (6) Drivers must ensure that passengers who have attained 6 years of age but are under 16 years of age, are properly restrained. "

Same as the Maritimes and yebec, onus is on the driver and the fine is "138.00 Fine - for MVA Infractions (including 15% surcharge viction ). The amount can be reduced by $25 if the ticket is paid within 30 days." But the govt web site is prob better and maybe more up to date.

Loathe as I am to cite anectodal evidence - as a scientist - I have to point out I would not be here typing this (well TRYING to type, lol) if I had NOT had my seat belt on when Bullwinkle the Moose dropped from the sky in front of my vehicle and we ran headfirst into him, killing the giant guy and my car but not me or my passenger!!!!

These women - or one anyway - sound atrocious! Can you find other ppl to carpool with. I carpool with a wonderful dentist - he even does my teeth (me and the kids, lol) and we share the same ideas about seat belt use. I think you should talk to them - you do not need be confrontational. Explain how hard it is for you and ask them to be more reasonable, outline the law and the stats if you have them. And tell them to grow up - at some point, lol

September 26th, 2005, 12:49 AM
And Prin, now I will have that Danciung Queen song in my head ALL nite. Wahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!Tee hee hee :evil: :evil: No better song to get the job done, right?

September 26th, 2005, 07:39 AM
I am planning to sing Fernando. Does anyone know the words to that one?
There is about 300 people working at job, we are all on different teams with may different shifts, we are the only three that commute on our shift. It may be worth switching my shift if I can find other people that can commute with me.

Today I am enforcing the seatbelt laws wear it or get out. I am expecting a confrontation or probably to be met with silence.

I looked up the seatbelt laws in BC or at least tried to. I did see it was 138 for the fine, but nothing stating if the driver was fined if the other passangers refused to wear their seatbelts, anyways they are wearing theirs. I will report back later what happened.

Please pray for my while I embark on my journey to work with this wretched woman. :angel:

September 26th, 2005, 07:46 AM
As far as I know,the driver gets the fine if a passenger is not wearing a seatbelt,the driver is responsible..
Nobody drives with me without a seatbelt
Also girls,go easy on ABBA,I love their music and I even loved the Village People,oh and the Bee Gees....try singing YMCA in the car,it will surely get the 2 miserable women humming :D

September 26th, 2005, 01:05 PM
I don't hate ABBA, I just wasn't there when it "all" happened so I can't appreciate it fully. ;) I'm a youngin' and I know a lot of the words--- doesn't that mean something?

(now I got Dancing Queen in my head again... Have to stop coming into this thread now... At least it's peppy... :D )

September 26th, 2005, 03:29 PM
Prim,that's ok I know you're a young one :D
I was actually living in Sweden,when ABBA won the European song-competition with Waterloo..probably waaaay before you were born!
They've sold 360 million records,so someone most like them,I have a few,CD's that is :D

September 26th, 2005, 07:07 PM
Well the seatbelt law was enforced today so now they are both wearing them. :)

The one sister and I are getting along fine, she is talking to me. The other sister with her mouth glued shut will not talk to us but I see her talking to other people at work now. SO I suppose maybe she is now mad at me to for speaking to her sister. But I am not going play her game and stop talking to her sister too. I dont have an issue she does.

This one women wants to be a counsellor and help people with their issues (this is the one that hasnt spoken to us in a week. I am not sure if this is good career choice if this is how she deals with her own issues.

Oh well at least the unpleasant ride on the way will be safe at least when I am driving.

September 26th, 2005, 07:15 PM
She sounds like a spoiled rotten child having a hissy fit.

September 26th, 2005, 07:19 PM
My kids are angels compared to this women.

September 26th, 2005, 07:24 PM
Do you even know what this fight of theirs is all about.

September 26th, 2005, 07:41 PM
I am planning to sing Fernando. Does anyone know the words to that one?

Hah! Of course I know the words!!!!
All you need to know is the right link--

(written by Benny Anderson, Stig Anderson and Bjorn Ulvaeus)

Can you hear the drums Fernando?
I remember long ago another starry night like this
In the firelight Fernando
You were humming to yourself and softly strumming your guitar
I could hear the distant drums
And sounds of bugle calls were coming from afar

They were closer now Fernando
Every hour every minute seemed to last eternally
I was so afraid Fernando
We were young and full of life and none of us prepared to die
And I'm not ashamed to say
The roar of guns and cannons almost made me cry

There was something in the air that night
The stars were bright, Fernando
They were shining there for you and me
For liberty, Fernando
Though I never thought that we could lose
There's no regret
If I had to do the same again
I would, my friend, Fernando

Now we're old and grey Fernando
And since many years I haven't seen a rifle in your hand
Can you hear the drums Fernando?
Do you still recall the frightful night we crossed the Rio Grande?
I can see it in your eyes
How proud you were to fight for freedom in this land

There was something in the air that night
The stars were bright, Fernando
They were shining there for you and me
For liberty, Fernando
Though I never thought that we could lose
There's no regret
If I had to do the same again
I would, my friend, Fernando

There was something in the air that night
The stars were bright, Fernando
They were shining there for you and me
For liberty, Fernando
Though I never thought that we could lose
There's no regret
If I had to do the same again
I would, my friend, Fernando
Yes, if I had to do the same again
I would, my friend, Fernando...

ABBA has much sentimental value to me, and I loved Village Ppl and Bee Gee's too, and Donna Summer and Fleetwood Mack and Sonny & Cher. Prin, you should start a music-related poll, since you're so good at polls.

September 26th, 2005, 08:18 PM
A poll? But about what exactly?

September 26th, 2005, 10:39 PM
Stacey B

Do you even know what this fight of theirs is all about

Sort of...the one sister asked her sister to move to town so she could get a job where we work. The sister didnt have a place to stay so she stayed at her place for a few weeks until she got her own place. The husband who is not working looked after her 1 year old while she worked. The sister doesnt have a car right now so she needs to be picked up. So the one sister is feeling put out because she had to put her sister up and help her out until she got her own place which she now has. Then she says she hasnt offered enough for gas but wont actually say anything to her about it.

She does have a point however she refuses to talk to her.....and she was the one that asked her to move into town in the first place. The one sister is trying to talk to her and is offering gas money on the way home everyday...but this women doesnt say anything and refuses to respond. She seems to feel put out that she even helped her in the first place. Even though she said sometime before this that her sister looked after her kids while she was in University. Thats all I know maybe theres more to it I dont really know.

Maybe they can go on Dr. Phil

September 26th, 2005, 10:43 PM
Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! :D

September 26th, 2005, 11:06 PM
Well it sounds like one of them is trying to resolve this very petty conflict. What would we tell our children to do, talk it out. Hey isn't that the same thing that someone in social work would do themselves and request of others.
You could do it yourself. Wait til the drive home so they would be stranded if they got out of the car. Tell them that their behaviour is very frustrating and that you are not moving until they start to talk it out.
Everyone should be paying equal amounts for the gas.

Ya, call Dr. Phill

September 26th, 2005, 11:15 PM
It is a 45 minute drive so that would give us some time, they cant really get out in the middle of the highway. :)
I may have to wait until next week as this week isnt my week to drive if it is still going on this week I may just drive myself just to get a break from them.

The one women and I dont give each other anything for gas as we just alternate weeks driving so her sister would be the one pitching in as she doesnt have a car right now.

September 26th, 2005, 11:22 PM
That makes sense. Does she not think she should be paying for the ride.

September 27th, 2005, 09:13 AM
I was thinking that seeing as these two arent going to work things out anytime soon.

I am just going to tell her sister flat out why the one sister is mad at her, and she needs to pitch in more for gas.

Should I just tell the one sister when I am alone on a break with her, or should I just say it out loud on the car on the way home.

I am thinking of on the way home that way it will be brought up into the open and maybe they will hash it out. Although I still have a feeling the one sister will continue her vow of silence.

Also I cant do it this week as it is her week to drive, I am actually considering just driving myself just to get a break from this nutcase women.

September 27th, 2005, 09:21 AM
I would pull her aside during break and tell her. I would also say that they need to work it out because it is driving you nuts.

September 27th, 2005, 09:22 AM
All I can say is this thread gave me a huge giggle and I have a mental picture of you arriving at work looking like a desperate harrassed woman! :D

September 27th, 2005, 09:47 AM
My husband car-pooled with 2 co-workers for about a year...between bad BO,incessant jabbering,lateness,complaints about him driving too fast and his blood-pressure rising,he gave up and started driving on his own.
Mind you,the gasprices were not as high then..but he keept his sanity(somewhat :D )

September 27th, 2005, 09:58 AM
Well I think I may have to either get a therapist to help me deal with these dysfunctional sisters or drive by myself. Either way I wont be saving any money. :)

BMD Lover
All I can say is this thread gave me a huge giggle and I have a mental picture of you arriving at work looking like a desperate harrassed woman!

I am glad someone thinks its funny. Hmmph!!!!! :D

I am not talking to anyone so there!!!! NA Na na na na, (sticks out tongue then with arms folded, eyes straight ahead in blank stare responds occasionally with "I dont care" in a snitty tone. I turn blue expand and eventually explode.) :D

September 29th, 2005, 07:50 PM
I tried to encourage this women to talk to her sister today, and told her I felt I was stuck in the middle. Not to mention feeling awkward.

She basically told me she wasnt going to make any effort to talk to her. So I guess we continue our rides in silence. My hubby wont let me drive myself because the gas is so expensive which I understand but I really hate this. I am desperataly trying to find someone else to car pool with but all the shifts are different and the majority if people dont commute as far as we do.

September 29th, 2005, 08:35 PM
Sing it!!! Dancinnnng Queeeeeeeen! :D

September 29th, 2005, 08:52 PM
That will have to be next week, its her turn to drive this week so I am at her mercy

.....this is around the time that I should be winning the lottery. Which would solve the problem, maybe I would even get the other sister a car, and give them money for therapy.

October 1st, 2005, 10:07 PM
This is a dying thread I know but...... this women is driving absolutley out of my mind rubber room, rubber, rubber room :crazy:

I am driving myself tommorow because she wants to do overtime, I told her I would drive myself as I had plans after work, which I dont. What peeves me is she couldn't even have the decency to tell her sister so her sister could arrange a babysitter. So I am picking up her sister as she is on my way and it is actually out of her way to get her sister so I am actually saving her the inconvenience and now she is being even more of a witch to me too. She will talk to other people but not me or her sister.

October 1st, 2005, 10:30 PM
I think you have to lose it on her. I really do. I think before you drop her off, you have to ask for gas money for sure and then say, "look, this might save me money, but I have 2 boys at home, if I wanted to deal with little bratty b*tches I would have kept trying for more." (You don't have a girl right? :o )

October 1st, 2005, 10:45 PM
Nope no girls and we arent going to have one either this women gives females a bad name. Excluding me you and every other female on this forum and all the other very decent ones I know if course.

October 2nd, 2005, 09:15 PM
Another week begins, eh? I'd like to say I'll be thinking of you but I'll probably be asleep... ;)

October 3rd, 2005, 07:48 AM
I drove with her sister yesterday as she wanted to do overtime and neither of us could this seem to really make her mad not only is she not speaking to me she is now grunting at me. Hmmphh sort of like that. :evil: :D

October 3rd, 2005, 07:52 AM
I would quit driving her, she seems to act too much like a child.

October 3rd, 2005, 12:01 PM
Do they make car seats for adults? Wouldn't that be funny? :D

October 3rd, 2005, 12:45 PM
LOl yes can you see it...

What is with these women. Come on you need to lay into both them.
Its either your going to tell them what you feel in a calm manner, planning on what to say and not say or your gonna lose it and miss all your valid points and just huff and puff.

When she grunts at you ask her if she has something in her throat. Coax a conversation out of her. Or Grunt back , let her know how stupid she looks. Or just drect her to and let us tell

October 3rd, 2005, 05:04 PM
Or Grunt back , let her know how stupid she looks. LOL Reminds me of "Home Improvement".. :D

October 3rd, 2005, 05:51 PM
I agree with Luvmypit. Grunt back, but exagerate as you do it, so she will know you are mocking her. Sounds like she is driving you nuts and won't budge. Time to start driving her nuts :evil: :evil: I know it probably won't help the situation at all, but it may make you feel better.

October 3rd, 2005, 06:02 PM
(I don't want to take the credit for the brilliance that is the grunting back idea, so I'll say, originally, it was Luvmypit's idea...)

October 3rd, 2005, 11:55 PM
THe grunting back idea is great. If I had my way I would not be driving with this women, she is a bad driver too and she doesnt wear her seat belt. She drives with one finger on the wheel and the other one holding a coffee and shes eating a donut in the other hand. She drove right into some road construction pylons on the highway and knocked them all down, then swerved just in time to miss the service truck. I make her wear her seat belt in my car now, it took her five minutes to figure out how to put it on, I guess its something shes not too familar with. My husband still wants me to ride with her to save gas money. Maybe I can use the bad driving as an excuse not to drive with her. Today she dropped me off I just got without saying thankyou or anything she doesnt deserve it.

Perhaps I can just be miserable back. Right now I am looking for other people to car pool with or even just to drive myself.

October 4th, 2005, 12:05 AM
She drives with one finger on the wheel and the other one holding a coffee and shes eating a donut in the other hand. I do not do that! It's hot chocolate! Oh, you weren't talking about me... :D

What a dork- not wearing a seat belt. Seriously, what- is she going to start smoking and stuff her attic with asbestos too?

October 4th, 2005, 12:22 PM
I hope you find a new partner to drive with - she sounds like the driving pool partner from hell!!!! Find someone else asap!! Life is too short for this - and tell your husband that. He is not the one who has to put up with her. Who does HE drive to work with?

October 4th, 2005, 12:29 PM
Have you told the twit off yet. She really needs to be put in her place.

October 4th, 2005, 01:10 PM
Prin=What a dork- not wearing a seat belt. Seriously, what- is she going to start smoking and stuff her attic with asbestos too?

This woman's attitude sucks, her reply to most things is "I cant be bothered"

"I cant be bothered "to try and resolve the issue with my sister
"I cant be bothered" to wear my seatbelt
"I cant be bothered" to give my kid a birthday party
"I cant be bothered" to walk my dog because hes not good on a leash
"I cant be bothered" to fix my dog (she is planning to breed him with her female then send the dog back when shes done with her.

It will most likely happen that I will stop driving with her. I would gladly pick up her sister and split the gas with her, but then I would be getting in the middle of it to much so I dont think its a good idea.

Anyways "I cant be bothered" with this woman and her attitude.

October 4th, 2005, 01:17 PM
There has to be someone else that you can carpool with. As for this idiot and her dog. I think I have said before to find out who the breeder is and contact them to inform of her plans to send the dog back to them. If you can't ask her ask her sister. Say a friend was looking for one and you want to know where she got hers.

October 4th, 2005, 02:01 PM
Prin are you trying to take credit for alllllll my hard work. Huh huh???

j/k anyhow another way is when you pull up to pick her up and let her try the door handle to get in. Keep it locked. Then when she starts getting mad and asks you to open the door, roll down the window and tell her you can't be bothered.
My mom used to tell me and you know what it actually works. No matter how rude she is act like nothing bothers you. Either she will find another ride due to your overwhelming niceness or she will have to go at your pace and be nice.

Or you can just wait till your at about 100 km and open you door and kick her stank arse out!

October 4th, 2005, 02:18 PM
I always look at people who are indifferent and ignorant with pity.
I pity them for having such a miserable life that they cannot be bothered with anything.
On the other hand,I stay away from people who have the ability to make me feel miserable and it takes a lot..
I think you have gone through enough with this woman and it has to effect your day.
Tell your hubby a few extra $$$ is well worth your own piece of mind,
let her look for someone else not to be bothered with :evil:

October 4th, 2005, 05:17 PM
Two suggestions:
1. Fill your car up completely with junk then when they say, "Don't you ever clean out your car?" you can say, "Can't be bothered."

2.Buy a bunch of blow up dolls and inflate them, strap them in such that there is only a little room left for people, and say "I wanted some fun people to carpool with, so I went out and bought some."

October 4th, 2005, 06:21 PM
Actually this is my week to drive, on thursday my first day back at work when I drop this women home I am planning to tell both of them that I am not driving them anymore. I dont have an issue with her sister her sister but figure its best not to get involved.

Then I am going to put a notice up on the bulletin board at work for some new people to car pool with. No nutcases allowed.

October 4th, 2005, 10:30 PM
I think that is an excellent idea. Life to way too short for this kind of aggrevation.

October 5th, 2005, 05:11 PM
The car pool saga has ended.

As mentioned above I was going to tell this women tommorow that is was going to be the last day.

A few minutes ago her sister called, to pass on the message that she did not need a ride next week. Perhaps because when she dropped me the last day I just got out of the car without saying thank you or goodbye, consdering her attitude lately I figure she doesnt deserve it, besides I drive her too so its not like she is doing me a huge favour.

Apparently she dumped all her sisters food in her driveway.That her sister had at her house. So now it looks like I am car pooling with the sister, which wasn't my intention, as I thought they should try to sort it out themsleves. But if the sister wont drive her than, she doesn't really have any other way to get to work.

October 5th, 2005, 05:30 PM
Well I guess it works out, you now don't have to not drive her with fear of causing more trouble between them. I would call this sister tonight before your week starts to discuss how much she will be paying you for gas. I sure hope she doesn't intend on getting a free ride. I would really do this before tomorrow because it will be awkward if she didn't intend on paying you and you have to ask her later.

October 5th, 2005, 05:39 PM
When I used to drive a cap pool and was the only driver. I actually charged my passengers for all the gas. If any questions were asked, I would reply they can pay for the gas I already have the expense of owning and maintaining a vehicle as well as insurance. Driving is alot more expensive than simply paying for gas.

October 5th, 2005, 05:48 PM
Good point. Charge her 40.00 per week. Any other option she may have will cost more if she were to travel that far.

October 5th, 2005, 06:04 PM
Roxy is correct - you have to take into account the wear and tear on your vehicle. I am glad you have one less sister Joey and hopefully this one will pay her fair share. I wonder if those who advocate car or vehicle pools - usually conservation groups or public transit - ever take all the human factors into conisderation. I hope this sister is better - she can't be as bad as the other one.

October 5th, 2005, 06:10 PM
I hope so too. She is at my mercy and 40 sounds fair to me. I will have to tell her tommorow as I dont actually have her number. Friday is payday so she can pay me on that day.

October 5th, 2005, 11:31 PM
Why do you have to drive her? She screwed up so now it's your responsibility? I don't get it...

October 6th, 2005, 07:43 AM
It wasn't my intention to drive her sister (the one that talks) but it seems like the other sister (the one thats mad at her won't)

Her sister doesnt have any other options and no car of her own. So I am picking her up because I would be her only ride. If not her sister is basically out of a job. I dont like the idea much either but I'm not just gonna say thats to bad. I am not the type just to put someone out.

These two have obviously put me in the middle of this, I didnt even know either of them 4 months ago and now it seems I am in the middle of their family feud. I am glad I dont have to drive with the miserable one though.

October 6th, 2005, 07:55 AM
Since the "other"sister is not a life-time friend of yours,it's really no loss to you,also I would not consider myself in the middle of this feud,as long as she was a passenger in your car,it concerned you,but no more.
The feud is their problem,more so since they did not care to behave like adults,maybe now the offending sister will learn a lesson and grow up.

October 6th, 2005, 01:56 PM
I understand that she has nowhere else to go, but she's not your responsibility. She's not your sister.

October 6th, 2005, 07:18 PM
Well it turns out the one sister went and bought a cheap diesel car so she is saving lots of gas. Perhaps why she doesnt need a ride anymore. I'd still like to give her a piece of my mind. She invited her sister to move here in the first place to get her a job and now its like now you deal with her.

I don't mind her sister and at least I dont have to deal with her. I know I am not responsible for her, but I can't just so too bad. The sister said she was going to get her car next week. So maybe then she can drive too.

I know shes not my sister and I should drive myself, but I cant put people out, its just me. Not a mean bone in my little ol body.

Oh some good news remember the dog I mentioned that she had wanted breed. Apparantly the owners found this out and went and took the dog back. Hopefully maybe they will get it fixed. Apparently it didnt like being locked up in a kennel 24/7.

October 7th, 2005, 07:44 PM
So apparently this women who is not talking to me or her sister, called up her mom to tell her that we werent speaking to her. Pretty funny IMHO.

October 11th, 2005, 01:04 PM
Joey as soon as the two wenches get their own ride don't ever deal with them again. If they ask you to hold the door open for em don't do it.

Now they tell mommy on you ... lol...

October 11th, 2005, 01:17 PM
The one women got a new junker car, she was trying to start it yesterday, I thought for sure it wouldn't start, I was standing their just watching her she finally got it started. I would actually laugh if she broke down. The car has wires hanging underneath the car. Of course I would stop to help her but first I would rub her nasty attitude in her face.

By the way I am not driving with her anymore and she is still not talking to us. Which is fine I can't be bothered with miserable people like her.
The other sister is going to get her car next week so she can drive. I will never ride with her sister again thats for sure, even if she did get over this little snit that shes in. I actually think shes a bit looney upstairs, as now she has it in her head that we are being mean to her, and we stopped talking to her.

Her sister told me after the groceries being thrown in her driveway, she then found a dead fish in her driveway.

I guess its the really crazy people in this world that makes the rest of us seem normal. :D

October 11th, 2005, 01:21 PM
Ya seems like she has a couple screws loose. Poor fish! Stupid lady!

If she did put a dead fish in her driveway I just wonder what goes through these peoples heads while they are doing such things. Im gonna go get a fish and put it in her driveway. Take that. I just don't get it!

October 11th, 2005, 01:25 PM
I was thinking of putting a rubber chicken in her driveway, I wouldn't be murdering any fish.

Did I mention this women wants to be a counsellor.

October 11th, 2005, 09:23 PM
Ya seems like she has a couple screws loose. Poor fish! Stupid lady!

If she did put a dead fish in her driveway I just wonder what goes through these peoples heads while they are doing such things. Im gonna go get a fish and put it in her driveway. Take that. I just don't get it!

I can't help but lol at your post, I am actually picturing this mad woman driving her junker car with the wires hanging out of it, over to her sisters house with the fish in her hand, grumbling to herself.

October 11th, 2005, 09:31 PM
Ah silly, petty people, just makes the world more interesting.