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Litter bugs

September 21st, 2005, 12:04 PM
I have a rant about garbage.

Firstly I took Joey for a 5k walk up the back road behind our house. Their is not one city garbage can the whole way. Meanwhile it is garbage day and I am tempted to just stick it in one of those as the garbage is still waiting to be picked up, but not sure whether that would be right to use someone elses garbage can for my waste so I just carry it. Then when you get to about 1/2k from home theyve put in this nice path(which is supposed to go all the way across Canada?) there is a garbage can, with a dog bag dispenser which is empty.

Also we have a creek right by our house its full of wild life ducks, fish and even a few beavers. People throw everything in their tires, furniture, bikes, fast food garbage etc.... its really sad :( . Recently the city workers went in their and cleaned it all up they were in their for about week hauling stuff out and made it look pretty good again. :)

Then yesterday this women walking to school to pick up her kids, decided to give the ducks some bread so she throws some bread crumbs into the creek (which I have heard your not supposed to do, but thats not my point) The point is she threw the plastic bag in the creek in front of her younger kid about three and all the other moms and kids. So this women is teaching her kids its okay to throw garbage in the creek. There was actually garbage can less then half a block up the street by the school, she could have carried it that far and put it in there.

If I can carry a bag of poop 5k she could have gone 200ft to throw her stupid bag in the garbage what is with some people. :mad:

There I feel better now. :)

September 21st, 2005, 12:35 PM
Many years ago Disney did a study to determine how far people would walk before they littered. They found that it was, on average, 25 feet, so they placed their garbage cans every 20 feet. For some reason municipalities feel that every ten miles is good enough.

I have the same frustrations as you do. I've carried bags of crap for many miles only to see some jughead toss their coke can out the window of their car.

September 21st, 2005, 01:23 PM
I'm with both of you..

In hiking in conservation areas I've been appauled to see bags of poop hanging from trees. Bad enough to let it recompost on the ground where someone might step in it..

On walks I always think there should be more cans.. but more cans.. more jobs for town workers to do, so they don't bother.. though it would help with the litter issue.

September 21st, 2005, 02:04 PM
I too want to rant about garbage!
Where I run (in the old port of Montreal) there are garbage cans about every 20 feet. Some of them yes, are full, but most are near empty, and they all get emptied regularily. Yet for some reason people cannot seem to get up off their butts and walk the 20 feet to the garbage cans. They have to just dump it all where they're sitting. This results in huge piles of garbage all along the pathway, and pretty much everywhere. It's sooo gross! The number of "beaver tail" wrappers and empty "Moozoo" bottles are unbelievable. It's gotten so bad sometimes that more than once I have returned from my run with bloody knees, hands, and elbows, a smashed ipod, and a scared dog, because you can't help but trip over it. It's also how Layla cut her paw. People leave bottles all over the place, they smash them, or they get smashed, and then there are shards everywhere!!!

September 21st, 2005, 04:47 PM
oh i hate litter bugs, or over here we call them tossers. i scream at litter bugs, and often i find they will pick up their rubish out of embarassment.

in aus we have a huge litter campaign, its been going for years, and its quite effective, ads every where, and every one gets stickers and smokers get little ciggie butt bins, (that ones called 'bin your butts' campaign) and the little ashtrays/containers they give are closable and shaped like a bum which is really funny.

the big campaign has been called 'dont be a tosser' i dont know if that word has any meaning to you guys but over here a tosser is a total looser, and now its been used to spur litter campaigns, its just really funny but incredibly effective.

we also have an emergency line to dob in a tosser, you just get their licence plate details and ring in, they will get a $200 fine.

and their really focusing on smokers, as the fire season is usually spurred on by live butts. and i have noticed a reduction in litter, but its not perfect. we still have heaps of litter but its getting there.

as i used to tell my little nephew when he was a babe till now 'if you litter, it will go into the drains, and could go out to the river/sea and choke a poor fish or bird to death, and who would want to hurt an animal like that when you can jsut hang onto it' i found it worked wonders on him and he never litters, hey its a modern world and the kids need to know the reality fo the situation.

oh i hate letter bus, they drive me mad and destroy my country, ahhhhhh i cant bear it and go crazy over it. so if you see em, yell and tell them to pick up their dirty rubbish as the env does not wnat it, and please call them a tosser, it would be funny.

and i always wonder if thats how ppl behave in the environment i wonder what their homes are like, yuck disgusting dirty ppl. :mad: grrrrrrr

think globally, act locally............................

September 21st, 2005, 05:43 PM
Confession time here, I used to smoke all the time and would always throw the butts out my car window not thinking anything of it. of course I couldnt have them in the car.

I quit smoking but then started up again about 2 years ago and have been smoking on and off about 2 or cigs a day, always sneaking a ciggie in the car and throwing it out the window and hiding the evidence.

Two years ago there were some major forest fires here, not close but close enough that the ashes from the fire blew into our town. Anyways this fire was caused by one discarded ciggarette 100s of people lost their homes,had to move relocate pets, lost their businesses etc... it was a real wake up call, now I never throw the butts out the window I always leave them in the ashtray until I can safely dispose of them in a garbage can.

September 21st, 2005, 08:18 PM
ooooh I hate people who throw their flaming butts out the window of their car. How do you know where it will land? How do you know the car behind you isn't leaking tons of gas? I say that because my old car was (I had it fixed soon after I discovered it, but still, I managed to drive over flaming butts, hoping I wouldn't catch fire...

At school today, because of all the wind, all the butts people left everywhere ended up in this massive pile in the corner. You don't realize how many there are till you see them all in one heap.