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She's HOME!

September 18th, 2005, 09:34 PM
Well, "Grace", now "Shelby" is home! I brought home the little puppy that I went to look at. She has an awesome temperment, and it's sad to think she was the least wanted out of the litter. All her other siblings had been adopted or at least had people coming to look at them. I was the only one to look at her. She's a joy though. Doing very well for accidents, for such a young age! She's so smart. I'm guessing she gets that from the Border Collie.

She's just an awesome little girl. :angel: I'll have to post pics as soon as I get some developed and scanned! (boy, do I need a digital camera!). For now, here's the pic I posted before. Everyone thought she was going to be huge by the pic, but she is a tiny little thing. About 3/4 the size of my cats! They think she's some mutant that doesn't belong... hehe. :D Meanwhile, she thinks she is royalty. :queen:

She came to work with me today(I work mostly outside, but have an office where she stayed when I couldn't be right with her for short periods). She was a good girl, loved having the chance to play somewhere new. She will be coming to work with me for the rest of the season, if all goes as planned.

She is a little anxious when I leave, no doubt because she's never been alone. She doesn't like being in her crate at first, but settles down now after about 2 minutes. I have been feeding her in it, to get her used to it being a good place. I have tried giving her a treat when she is in there, but she doesn't seem to like treats much. Or at least not the ones I got apparently! I bought two kinds, which apparently are both very popular at a natural petfood store. The one she won't even touch, the other she will sometimes eat, but she doesn't really enjoy it, you can tell. Any ideas??

Just so you know, I already have a horse named Grace, so I thought I needed to change her name. She didn't know her name anyway, although she is picking up Shelby very quickly, and responds to me when I call her already, and sometimes other people.

Oops! Forgot the picture!

September 18th, 2005, 09:53 PM
What a sweetheart! You two are fortunate to have eachother!!! :love:

September 18th, 2005, 09:57 PM
What a cutie! Lucky you to have found such a cutie! :)