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chronic open sores on vulva

maggie puppies
September 16th, 2005, 08:22 PM
My 10yr old spayed golden retriever has had draining vulvitis for years which never heals. We have tried many antibiotics by mouth and topical and the areas diminish but never completely heal. She cannot lick the areas as she has ankylosing spondilitis and cannot bend to reach the area. She is also epileptic and hypothyroid but these are controlled by medication. I wash the area frequently but she still has a strong odour and her hair is permanently brown from the drainage. The drainage has been cultured and usually grows pseudomonas. The vet suggests allergies are somewhat to blame but how can I get the areas to heal permanently?

September 17th, 2005, 08:51 AM
Has your vet done allergy testing? Maybe you dog has an environmental or food allergy (which are VERY common I have learned).

What food do you have her on?

THe most common food allergens for dogs are chicken, wheat, beef, corn, and soy (which are in most regular dog food). Try switching food to a one carb/one protein food, with a carb and protein your dog has never had, and see if it clears up. Make take a few months to show a difference.

September 17th, 2005, 09:38 AM
I'd also give her L-Lysine, a gel that is added to food (available from vets), to boost her immune system and knock off the meds, at least temporarily. After awhile, antibiotics are counter-productive. Try bathing the area daily in aloe vera gel (don't wash off), which is very healing and excellent for pain. Poor doggy.

September 17th, 2005, 12:29 PM
Vitamin E oil is available in different strengths for internal use(capsule form) such as 400 IU, 800 IU. But for external use it's available in the 4,000 IU strength. Health food stores carry it( in bottles) in the beauty aides section but you'd have to look for the kind that is just pure vitamin E, not Vitamin E with other additives( don't get the cream). Applying that to the area thickly and often will form a protective barrier and healing should ensue.

As for ankylosing spondylosis you may find this of interest:

September 17th, 2005, 12:43 PM
Found also was this dialogue concerning vulvitis:

Q.What is a natural cure for vulvitis?

A. vulvitis is most commonly result of candidiasis.

Quick fix:
+ grapefruit kernel extract orraly and topiclly
+ probiotics (orraly and/or enema)

also good tools:
black walnut tincture (orraly and topically)

improved diet + basic cleansing
(avoid antibiotics & foods rich in antibiotics).

I have been through all the horror of vulvitis for over 6 years and many doctors. I have finally found my cure for it in the form of D-Mannose from The grapefruit extract ointment from helped but after approx. a week of use it started to go the other way and make the skin feel acidic so I stopped and used cortaid on it at night for one or two nights. I am completely healed.