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Too Close for Comfort

September 14th, 2005, 01:04 PM
I got a phone call at work this morning from my bf who was quite upset. Apparently someone went into our back yard and left the gate wide open. When he let Spencer out, he took off. The worst part of it was that Spencer didn’t even have his collar on as we have been taking it off at night because of his scratching.

Bf went out front and saw him 3 houses down the road in the front yard. He just started yelling “Spencer, what’s this?” with Sydney in his hands so Spencer came running over to play.

I am just so upset. So many things could have gone wrong, he easily could have gone the other way up the road and went to the highway. Or what if Sydney had gotten out? She is so small that no one would have seen her on the road and she could have gotten hit. Who would do this?

Bf says that he heard someone with a chainsaw out this morning and there is a wheel barrel in the neighbours yard with some cut wood in it so it could have been them but there is no reason why anyone would have needed to come into our yard.

I would lock the gate but our meters are in there for gas and hydro so they need to have access.

I swear if I find out who it was, they are going to get a piece of my mind.

Dog Dancer
September 14th, 2005, 01:38 PM
Wow that is scary, I worry about that a lot at our house too. But at my place it's my BF who tends to leave the gate open so the dogs can sit with him in the driveway when he's working in his shop downstairs. Then he goes inside for something and the dogs are out in the back alley all alone :eek: If a cat came by Halo would go after it like a bullet. If a dog came by Shadow may just decide to pick a fight. Or they could just wander off and end up on the road. Actually Halo did escape a few weeks ago when we were having a BBQ. I'm looking all over for her and one of the kids visiting said "Oh she's out in the alley." There she was just standing there waiting to get back in - food keeps her close I guess. It's like worrying about children all over again.

September 14th, 2005, 02:37 PM
Glad to hear everyone's ok! Another reason why we a) have Phoebe microchipped and b) have a padlock on the gate. Luckily our meters are on the side of the house, before the gate. At any rate, if your meters are in the yard, they shouldn't be entering the yard without asking your permission first since you do have a dog. So a padlock shouldn't be a problem, since they'll need to wait until someone gets home anyway. If they complain, tell them you have some expensive equipment in the shed that's been stolen in the past, and that's why you've installed the padlock. I don't think they can stop you from locking your gate.

September 14th, 2005, 03:10 PM
Eeeek that is really scary :eek:
My parents have that problem too; they can't lock the gates because they have a)the meter outside and b) its a corner lot and for some reason the city insists on access to their backyard (they maybe come once a year, but still, no locks allowed) Mia ran away when some city guy left the gate open, and she was only 5 months old. We couldn't find her for three days, finally someone found her and took her to the vet and traced her chip. The scary thing is, we live near a pretty busy road (for those from calgary; crowchild trail) and she had managed to get to an island in the middle of it and just sat there cowering as cars raced by. WHen we got her back her fur was matted, had burs all over, and was petrified beyond belief.
I completely know how you feel :grouphug:

Zues is my baby
September 14th, 2005, 03:43 PM
EKkke those stories are too close for comfort. I had a run in like that too, I was walking my puppy which is a neo mastiff just a few weeks back. I was walking in the forrest behind our town home that has some nice paths to walk our dogs. Silly Zues loves eating sticks and rocks, so I went to take the stick out of his mouth as another dog in a back yard started barking at my scardy cat neo. It scared the day lights out of him and some how he managed to get off his choke collar and run in the other direction with his tail tucked between his legs. I yelled at him to get back but he was too scared. So I had to go running after him and tackle him to get him back on his leash. Now every time I walk him back there I keep him nice and close to me on a short leash. I got home that day and told my fiance that story and he told me he has him walk around there not on his leash I got so mad at him no wonder he got off it.