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i have a serious question!!! Help

September 14th, 2005, 11:33 AM
I live in Syria in the Middle East and am British.

my friend here is Austrian and has a job at the Austrian Embassy here. She has a mandatory transfer to Washington DC. She is soooo worried as she HAs to live in the Austrian Embassy compound 880 foot apartment with no garden in DC and she has 3 medium sized dogs. she is so worried that this will make her crazy. Her dogs are all female mutts (rescues), 12 kilos each (mid sized) and two are 6 years old, one is 4 years old. They are quite calm as they are older but "go to the bathroom" in the corner of the garden when they like.

Will she be ok? She has to move into this apartment. I am a bit worried for her and her american husband's sanity as she always was given big houses with big gardens and the dogs went in and out of the garden.

She will never leave her doggies behind or find homes for them, she adores all of them.

Anyone else out there in this predicament?