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Found Great Book

September 14th, 2005, 01:06 AM
In order to obtain some useful information regarding arthritis in dogs (for the benefit of my aging Newfoundland), I came across the home website of a veterinary hospital in Melbourne, Florida called Maybeck Animal Hospital. The website contained an incredible wealth of canine and feline health information articles, innovative new vaccine protocols, and an interactive blog all written and regularly updated by the vet that owns the hospital. There is also a helpful links page that has an endless number of animal related links.

While making full use of this great site, I also discovered that the veterinarian that provided all that useful and completely free information, also authored a popular book called, "Canine and Feline 101: A Complete Guide For Selecting, Training, And Caring For Dogs And Cats." Since I was so impressed with the quality of his clinic's website, I felt compelled to order the book.

The book turned out to be awesome, and I read it cover to cover in less then a day! I know anyone who loves their pets like I do, and want to make all the right decisions on their behalf will love it just like I did. I didn't include any links to the hospital website or the book, as I don;t want to risk breaking any forum rules, but they are easy enough to find through the search engines. TG