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Tango's Family to Sue Gold Caost Council .Aus

September 13th, 2005, 07:57 PM
Dog lovers claim Tango's NSW exile ruff justice

THE city's pitbull woes are far from over, with a couple from Labrador planning to take a fight over the removal of their beloved pet to court.

John Mokomoko and Kylie Chivers yesterday claimed the council's backflip of its controversial dog laws was a 'sidestep' that did not solve the region's restricted dog problems.

Mr Mokomoko said he intended to proceed with court action, pushing for a judicial review of the dog laws and the council's breeding identification standards.

"We are going ahead with claims for compensation," he said.

Mr Mokomoko and Ms Chivers were dragged into the dog laws controversy last year when the council claimed their pet Tango, which they insisted was an american staffordshire terrier, was a banned pitbull.

They were forced to remove Tango from the Gold Coast.

"He has spent 488 days in a Cabarita kennel at $17.50 a day," said Mr Mokomoko. "We want compensation."

Mr Mokomoko claimed the council's breeding identification standard was a 'fraudulent document'.

The checklist used by the council includes whether a dog has a head 'medium in length', upper teeth, wide open nostrils and medium-sized feet.

The council refused to comment yesterday. On Monday, councillors backflipped on dog laws, conceding there were flaws with identification and would invite up to 30 restricted dogs, previously exiled to other areas, back to the Coast. Crossfire,


September 14th, 2005, 12:57 PM
Go Mr. Mokomoko (like that name) hee. !!

Wow you mean city council actually admitted there may be some flaws. I think SOME is an understatement!