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r they deliberatly killing pit bull dogs??

September 13th, 2005, 05:06 PM
this is really sad, and totally unbelievable im in total shcok and its jsut too sad...

recently a girl told me her dog a pit bull was run over after he escaped his yard and thought he was going to meet his dad on the bus, the dog did have road sense and had gone to meet his dad a few times before, although this was not encouraged by the young owners (about 20yo).

the girl said her dog was seen entering the road, one lady swerved and missed him, the next car was seen to slow down momentarily and then it was seen to speed up to around 80km as it hit the dog at about 80km an hour. the locals are saying this person ran the dog down because the driver knew and could clearly see it was a PB.

now i thought that was a one off and i had doubts then this appeared in todays paper- it is a letter from a local resident

Titled- how could you leave our dog to die-

on saturday night at 6.30pm our beloved dog mo jo was run down. he was a PB. mo jo had recently moved in with his young owner, who had removed mo jo from his granmas house at which he had lived for a while. well mo jo escaped and was seen heading in the direction of his granmas house. he wanted to go home, that is all. he slipped his collar and scaled a 3m fence to get there.

someone hit mojo on the road, and was left to die, he was found shivering and in horrid pain in the gutter, and a kind person called police, mo jo never made it to the vet hospital which was only 500m away.... he was hit in the day, and the police have indicated it was because he was a PB that he recieved no help from passers by.... if so is this a new trend, will ppl start killing other ppls dogs as a vigelanty effort to 'save' us all from poor puppies???

well the police are useless muggs too, they did not shoot poor mojo, which they should have done immeadiatly as the state fo the dog was very obvious, apparently the police didnt want to touch him in case he bit them, cowards i say. but it is their job to shoot injured aniamls and put them out of misery, and they did not do this for mojo its all too sad and i feel so much for these poor ppl and such anger toward the police, only really becasue if their not willing to help what sort of impression does that give, total cowards that lot i say.

so poor mo jos mum has got a broken heart, mo jo a soft careing boy who wouldnt hurt a fly is dead, and the rep of the breed and ppl reactions are getting worse......

it makes me doubt humans even have hearts at times..... :mad: :o