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Fleas - how bad does it get?

September 12th, 2005, 08:26 AM
Well as I posted in "crawlies are back" Mozart has fleas. NOW that being said, When do you say "ok you're exagerating".... I've sprayed my car, my furniture, my area rugs my mattress. I've vacuumed as best as I could with the little dinky vacuum that I have and thrown out the bag. I've cleaned his crate with vim. I've sprayed some furniture and rugs at my parents place. I've washed all that I thought had made contact with mozart or has made contact with other fabric that mozart had contact with. I bathed Moe, and then dressed him with a flea colar.

All that having been done and lots of money spent, when do you say enough is enough? never? for example, i wear some pants last week for 1/2 day - having not done much during that time i decided to hang them back up in the closet. NOW because of that, do all my clothes in the closet need to be washed because of that pair of pants which mozart came in contact with? When does it stop and how long does it take really to know if the treatments and spraying and colar are doing their job? My friend said 48 hours or so.

Sigh, I'm litterally broke now, I can't afford another $100 worth of spray anti-flea/tick spray bottles.


Lucky Rescue
September 12th, 2005, 08:51 AM
Have you been to the vet? If not, the sprays and collars are money wasted.

All you need to do is get some Revolution, Frontline etc at your vet and that will take care of the problem.

Then take the flea collar you got, cut it up and put it in the vacuum bag and that will solve the problem of any fleas in your house.