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Celebrating 1 month anniversary with Lucy!!!

September 10th, 2005, 03:54 PM
Happy one month, Lucy!

Lucy has been doing so well! She comes running and meowing when her name is called and has become so assertively affectionate, I would never think she was the same shy kitty we adopted. I really wanted another lap cat, and I got one.

She doesn't like the dogs much but is coming to realize that they are little more than a minor inconvenience. I know the battle is over now because they barely pay any attention to each other. And she and Ruby (cranky old kitty) are getting pretty friendly these days--they both shared the chair & my lap last night when I got home from work.

Here's the latest pic of our girls being friendly:
Plz pay no attention to the unvacuumed rug--I've been working overtime!

September 10th, 2005, 04:06 PM
Aww Shannon,that's a sweet picture!! and Happy one month to Lucy :grouphug:

September 11th, 2005, 12:59 PM
Thanks chico ;)
I know it's a silly day to celebrate but it's so amazing to see how a rescue with special needs can have a total turn-around when they get a home and vet care. I'm just so happy for her and with her.
Way to go Lucy :highfive: