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What would you suggest?

September 9th, 2005, 09:46 AM
We have a 10 month old beagle puppy named Spencer and have been considering getting another one. My question is this: Would you suggest getting a puppy or an older (1 to 2 years) dog? What would be the best thing for Spencer?

I have had Spencer since he was 7.5 weeks old and we have this amazing bond. I am afraid that if I get an older dog, that I wouldn't have that same bond with it.

Also, would you get a male or female?

September 9th, 2005, 09:50 AM
Since spencer is a male, I would reccomend that if you do decide to get another one, to adopt a female. Alot easier to handle together, and Alot less chance of fighting.
But at 1o months old, he still is a baby, that very well needs training and bonding.
I would reccomend waiting at least a year before you decide. wait until the most stressful of training is finished. It is only at this age where they slowly start adolecence. Testing, not listening. JMO, but I would wait, then get a female

September 9th, 2005, 11:07 AM
Hi there,

I love this question because I went through the exact same one a few months ago!! I just couldn't make up my mind!

I had a 9 month old chocolate lab (female) when I adopted my second - he was (at the time) a 6 month old black lab mix (male).

I started looking when my first pup was 6 months - that probably would have been a bit too soon. When I adopted the new one (Shotsy) my original pup (Jersey) was just finished grade one obedience training.

I adopted Shotsy at 6 months thinking I would save myself alot of stress not having another puppy - housetraining and all that fun stuff ;) Little did I know that poor Shotsy came with ALOT of baggage! But, that was almost 6 months ago and everyone is great now.

I had them both in doggy school - Jersey in grade 2 and Shotsy in grade 1 - so I was pretty busy training for awhile.

I think if you know the time that training 2 young dogs is going to take and you have that time to put into it then you should go for it. I don't regret getting Shotsy at all - watching the 2 of them together is so great.

I wanted to get one close in age so they'll be kind of similiar and going through the same things - we do alot of hiking so I was afraid if I adopted a much older dog that they couldn't keep up or it would be too hard on.

You also have to remember that 2 is double everything ... food, treats, toys, leashes, collars, vet bills, poop! Sometimes I think I should move into the vets office ;)

As for the sex of the second - I don't know that I believe that opposites are better together. I hear alot of people saying they are but I've seen 2 of the same sex get along fine. (One family in my neighbourhood owns two males - both neutered and they've never had a problem - another family owns 2 females - both spayed - and they're best buddies)

When I first adopted Jersey, I had a much older female and they got along great from the beginning. I've also seen crusty dogs that just don't like other dogs no matter the sex. So, I think it comes down to the dogs personality alot and it's not a standard rule.

With Jersey, she's super submissive to all dogs so maybe that helps. Shotsy is also submissive ... I try to figure out who's the alpha between them but I can't ;)

Wow ... sorry about the length .. like I said, I love this topic :)

I say, if you've thought it over and you're sure ... go for it :)

Opps I forgot ... I don't think getting an older dog will change the bond you'll form or be less because it's not a pup. My new guy is different then Jersey, he takes awhile to warm up to people and to most people he's just not interested in getting close (I guess being returned time after time as a pup did that to him) but to me he's a big suck. Somehow it seems that he knows he can trust me (and that took awhile too!)

But I think in the long run you'll still form a great bond with an older dog :)

September 9th, 2005, 11:12 AM
that's hard to say. i would think it would depend on what your dog's temperment is like. this is just my opinion based on my dog if it helps at all. my ben is a border collie/lab and he's a bossy little guy. he's 2, but for the first 8 months of his life we lived with my sister and her at the time 7-year-old german sheppard. ben was growling and snarling at cody, my sister's dog, from day one at 7 WEEKS old. he appointed himself boss, and cody, to this day could still take my dog's head off he wanted to, but i suppose the natural order of things has already been established. if i were to bring a new dog into my living situation, and i would love to one day when i have a bigger place and closed yard, i might lean towards getting a younger dog. i might be wrong as i'm no expert, but i always thought that since ben is so territorial, getting an older dog might pose a threat to him and he'd get all huffy and we'd revert back to when we lived with my sister's dog, meaning he'd be a complete nightmare! come to think of it, i have to wonder if ben would let me get another dog. who do you think's boss at our house? i really think it would just depend on the personality of your spencer as you'd judge it now (like i said ben has been telling it like it is since he was little) and decide from that if he seems the type that would welcome sharing his family!

September 9th, 2005, 12:59 PM
My have a dog, so make sure your new pup is of the opposite sex. This will practically guarantee no fighting. Also, do not put the two dogs together right away. First introduce them on neutral territory, in a park, or other part of your neighbourhood. DO NOT introduce them inside/outside of your house. Keep them apart for several hours of the day for approx 2 weeks so that the new puppy has the opportunity to bond with the family. :crazy: I say, go for it

September 9th, 2005, 02:07 PM
Spencer has been through training so as long as you have been continuing with all of his skills and he has a solid grasp of them there should be no reason why you shouldn't get another. As someone had mentioned it is a good idea to have both attending classes. For Spencer it will give him time with you to do your own thing. I see quite often with second dogs that they are not as social as the first for a # of reasons. You will need to do a lot of work to ensure that he/she is. It is kind of like the second child that has the older one do everything for them so they don't learn to do things on their own.

September 9th, 2005, 02:29 PM
I can't say that I agree that having one of each sex will eliminate fighting or that having two of the same will guarantee it. I know many, many people that have more than one of the same sex and never any fighting. I also know someone that has one of each and he has the scars to prove they faught.

September 9th, 2005, 07:30 PM
I say older female. As for the bond, I grew up with a dobie that we got when he was 3. He was my best friend, my guardian and my soul mate. It's about personalities, not about the age they are.

September 10th, 2005, 02:48 AM
hi there.

I suggest you hold off on getting another dog/pup. the dog you have now is still growing and learning. u need to feel that the dog you have now can follow your rules AND teach the new dog proper "manners" when you finally do let in another dog into your home.

I got Honey when Chocolate was 2.5 years old. from about 2 yo age, I would say that is the best time to add another pet into the family... (2 yo or 2 years of having the dog).

the dog must clearly know your rules, routines,etc.

since you have a male, i'd suggest a female (& get her neutered asap if she isn't at the time of adoption :))

I would suggest the 2nd dog is not less than 2 yo age, she could be a hassle. AND, most important, make sure the personalities of both dogs are compatible!

good luck searching... in a year or so :fingerscr

September 10th, 2005, 08:55 PM
I have debated the same thing - when and if to get another dog but more so, how will I be able to share my love/time equally with them both!?!

For me, getting another dog is out of the question for now. Dodger is only a year old and I would like to compete with him before I consider bringing in another dog.

I think Spencer would probably do fabulously with a playmate - he literally has boundless energy and loves canine companionship. The possible problems I think you may experience are with food, training and sharing attention. I think an adult dog would be a better fit then a puppy.

Have you ever had dog's male/female and different ages visit or stay over (not at the same time of course :eek: )?? I think, before going any further, it would be a good idea to borrow a friend's dog for a few days. Be sure to stick to your routines and observe how the interactions go! That way, you'll learn where the adjustments need to be made beforehand!

I assume (but could be wrong!) that you would like another beagle? The only things I'll mention are the possible noise 2 beagles could make :) (I'm thinking for the neighbours) and having to manage with a second pulling scenthound ;) !!

Other than that, I think Spencer would love a playmate (just make sure that you find the dog that meets your and Spencer's "expectations") :D

September 10th, 2005, 09:19 PM
I adopted a 12 year old dog and you would never have known I did not have her since a pup,age has nothing to do with bonding.