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demodex & kennel cough... poor pup

September 8th, 2005, 10:15 AM
ugh, double whammy for my little pup, Tucker. Poor guy, I feel terrible for him.

The demodex showed up earlier this summer, but since it wasn't in the typical locations, the vet initially thought it was allergies, or bug bites. Since it wasn't going away (wasn't worsening either though), I had them look at it again when we were in for a kennel cough vaccine.... they suspected demodex but chose to try to let it resolve on it's own first (since it was minor, only 3 small spots, bald/thin spots but not irritated).

Well, my pup attended his first day of daycare 2 weeks ago, and this weekend started coughing. So back to the vet we go.... low and behold, he's got kennel cough, and this time they did a skin scraping of the spots since they were still present and not improving... definately demodex, only 2 mites found, and 1 was dead, so it's a very mild case.

So now he's on goodwinol ointment and antibiotics (for the upper respitory issue). I'm sure some of you have had experiences with demodex before, my question is, does the goodwinol ointment work? how long does it take? poor little guy has a bald spot on his back, on the base of his tail, and his chest, and I'm wondering how long it takes to restore clear skin & new fur?

It's so aweful listening to him cough, sniffle, sneeze.. and then his skin itches... seems so uncomfortable.