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Reasearch your vet well, and Question, Question Question

J.Y.'s Mom
September 7th, 2005, 10:24 AM
Hello, sorry if this is long, but I really think the story needs to be heard.

I have a nightmare to relate, really just to make sure everyone is aware that vets are human, and not all are created equal.
J.Y. is a 21 month old Bichon, who started licking at himself a lot back in July. At the time, I was looking for a new vet. He had been to one twice that I'll call Dr. E, once for a sore paw, and once for infected eyes. This vet came into my world because the sore paw happened when he was with the dog walker,and this vet was a family friend of hers, so she took him there. The paw was treated fine, and I took him back a few months later for the eye infection, which was treated fine, so I didn't hesitate to see him about the licking issue.

He diaganosed it as urine crystals, something new to me, but I trused the vet. He put him on SD food for 3 weeks, and antibiotics. Follow up tests 2 weeks ago showed crystals and infection still in urine. At the same time, J.Y. had stopped using his rear right leg, and also started itching and biting himself alot, so the visit last week was to address the urine and the leg issue, with allergies in the back of my mind.

The vet put him out, xrayed his hip, kept him overnight, said he couldn't see anything wrong with his hip, but indicated it might be a small dog genetic thing, prescribed rest and anti-inflammatories. He also gave anitbioitics for the crystals, and put him back on SD food.

I brought him back on Thursday, as I called to ask about treatments for the itching, and he said to bring him in. He gave him a steroid shot, and 2 weeks prescription of steroids.

I started to research the crystals, which brought me to this site. Everything I was reading for the type of crystals J.Y. had, oxalate, his food treatment should have been UD, not SD. I called the vet Friday to ask about this, and his response was "Well, that's true, but I was out of stock on UD and gave him SD" Needless to say, my comfort level diminished with this answer. In fact, putting him on the wrong food could have promoted the growth of the other type of crystals, and certainly would do nothing to help the ones he had.

I took him off SD over the weekend and put him back on his regular food until I could take him to a new vet, which I did yesterday.

The new vet was concerned that Dr E had put him on the wrong food, but we corrected it. As I was filling her in on the drugs he was on, her face paled and scared the crap out of me. When I asked her what was wrong she informed me the combination and steroid and anti-inflammatories Dr. E. had prescribed could have killed my dog. Apparently, it casues major ulcers and stomach perforation. Thank God I decided not to give him the steroids after one pill, something told me he shouldn't be on them. If I had of given him the prescription, he may be dead today. The new vet was so upset she took it upon herself to call the old vet, and that's a whole other bizarre story, that I won't go into now.

In regards to the hip, a quick proper exam yesterday showed very clearly his issue was a sore toe, and had nothing to do with his hip, so the entire ordeal around his hip last week was a waste of time and money, not to mention the stress on J.Y.

To try to keep this short, just wanted to share this to ensure that as much as we'd like to trust our vets blindly, don't do it. If I had of , my puppy might not be here today.

Unfortunately, J.Y.s blood work yesterday showed high liver something or other counts, as well as very high white blood cell. We're hoping the liver issue is due to the steroids, and not really clear about the cause of the white blood cell count. He gets retested tomorrow.

I think I've found a good vet this time, and am praying J.Y. will be OK.

Take Care


September 7th, 2005, 11:46 PM
I second the motion of second opinions, and it seems referrals have been my most successful route of finding a good vet. When I lived in the city, I had a very bad experience with my first vet, but then a classmate who had twelve cats (and took excellent care of them) referred to the best vet, and in fact the best veterinary clinic, I've ever known.

When my cat Maya got sick in my new hometown, I had to take her to someone new...and when I wasn't sure about what they were doing, I not only got another opinion, I also took her to her old vet for a visit. When they concurred with the new vet's diagnosis and course of action, I felt much better.

I agree, trust your gut...if you're not sure, seek a second opinion. We're all fallible...though I have to say, giving the dog the wrong food because he was out of the right food does seem a bit questionable to me.

September 8th, 2005, 12:07 AM
I'm so sorry you got the "run around". I hate discovering that the people who are supposed to help animals, who are TRUSTED to help animals, are either in it just for profit or don't have a clue at all. It's sad. Once you find a good one, you have to hold on for dear life!

Good you didn't listen. :)