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My Rescue Rescued Me!

September 6th, 2005, 07:37 PM
A year ago I rescued a dog in Ontario named Allie. Allie was the kind of dog that never got adopted or if she did got returned a few days later. She came home with me...a full grown pointer mix with no training at all and multiple health issues. I stumbled across this website one day which helped me deal with all of the behavioural/ medical issues I was having with her. Although I had always had dogs growing up she was the first I had on my own. Through many struggles and over time I realized that I had not rescued Allie, she had rescued me. Allie taught me unconditional love for animals and through all the problems I had with her I became more and more interested in dogs and their health/behaviors. One day as I was searching online for potential careers I came upon a vet assistant course. I got overwhelmingly excited about it and applied. I got accepted and a month ago Allie and I packed my car and moved home to NB. When we got here Allie's seperation anxiety worsened and one night as I ran up to the store she broke a window out and went looking for me. I couldnt find her that night and it became the 3 worst days of my life. I searched day and night calling in hopes she would come back. On the third day I got a call from someone here who runs a dog security/boarding kennel/grooming/canine school (exactly what I want to open one day). Someone had found her (swimming in the ocean where I walk her everyday) and dropped her off there. I picked her up within 5 minutes. I went back the next day to thank the guy and when he found out what I was taking in school this fall he offered me a part time job. Now I am working in a kennel and learning behavioural training/agility training for dogs. Within time hopefully Allie will be trained to search and rescue. I started my first day of school today and I know I am going to love it more than anything. Allie was the best thing that ever happened to ME...she helped shape my life into what it needed to be. So I am posting this as a thank you to her for showing me the direction I needed. I am now on the path to open my own shelter one day and help other dogs that will one day be in Allie's situation when no one else will help them.

September 6th, 2005, 10:36 PM
Yey! I know what it's like to have no direction- I can't imagine the fog clearing so suddenly! That's great! Doggies are the best for so many reasons. :)

(Disclaimer: I've never had a cat, so I can't judge if they are the best or not, but without knowing cats, dogs are certainly the best...Right? Nobody's offended, right? :D )

September 7th, 2005, 07:00 AM
Alliekat,we often"rescue"animals wanting to give them a good life,but often it is the other way around,the love and devotion you get from an animal is forever and at least in my case,better than any Prozac when you are feeling down :pawprint:
Thank's for the happy-ending-story!!!

Lucky Rescue
September 7th, 2005, 10:23 AM
Thanks for such a heartwarming story! Yes, animals can teach us so much about loyalty, love and acceptance. How wonderful that you and Allie found each other just at the right time.:)

(Disclaimer: I've never had a cat, so I can't judge if they are the best or not, but without knowing cats, dogs are certainly the best...Right? Nobody's offended, right?
I'm certainly not offended and I agree!! I sure don't want any cats, I just feel sorry for them. :rolleyes:

September 7th, 2005, 01:19 PM
Yeah right,Lucky :D :D That's why you have 3 kitties and work sooo hard helping others :thumbs up
Me,I think cats,dogs,coons,elephants,birds or whatever,are a great gift to us humans and make everyone of us better people for loving them and them trusting and loving us :love:

September 7th, 2005, 07:50 PM
They say, "everything happens for a reason". You rescued her and she has returned the favor by way of a guardian angel.
Four years ago, (the night before (9 11) I adopted Chloe. We had a rough start with separation anxiety and some aggression issues but she has become a wonderful companion. She is very protective of me and I have no doubt that if necessary would protect me with her life. Since adopting Chloe I have become involved in Golden rescue and adopted another golden that had been abandoned.