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I find the last line very disturbing

September 4th, 2005, 08:36 PM
Dog attacks young boy Nine-year-old suffers scalp, facial injuries; pet owner requests animal be put down

ARCHIE McLEAN Journal Staff Writer
A surprisingly sudden and brutal dog attack has left a nine-year-old boy in hospital with bites to his head and face.
Dan Law, the owner of Buddy, a 12 -year-old German Shepherd-wolf cross, said he was relaxing on the back patio Saturday afternoon with his friend John Mansfield and his friend’s son, Cole.
As the friends prepared to leave the house near 93rdAvenue and 156th Street, Cole asked if he could pet Buddy. “Does he like being rubbed behind the ears?” Cole asked.
“No, just pet him nicely,” Law replied. Seconds later, Buddy was on top of Cole, gnawing at his scalp.
“It all happened so fast,”Law explained later as he recounted the scene.
“I couldn’t really see the boy, because the dog was on top of him. He ripped his scalp up pretty good.” The men pulled Buddy off Cole and an ambulance rushed him to the Stollery Children’s hospital with bites to his head and scalp. He was last reported in stable condition. Law said he requested that Buddy be euthanized, which will occur following a mandatory, 10-day quarantine. Law, 37, says he loves the dog but can’t have him around any more if he’s going to attack people. “If I had a gun, I’d probably shoot him myself,” he said. “I just hope the boy is OK, that’s all.” Law has owned Buddy since he was a puppy. He says the dog has never done this sort of thing beforehand rarely shows aggression. “He’s like big puppy all the time,” he said. Special Const. Doug Collinson said the city receives between 200 and 400 reports of dog bites annually. Law could face a$500 fine for his dog’s action. Collinson said investigators have not decided whether to pursue charges, but will do so after they talk to everyone involved. Saturday’s incident comes after two highly publicized maulings in the past month. In early August, a10-year-old girl had her scalp torn off by a neighbour’s dogs, both Rottweiler-shepherd crosses. The dogs were eventually put down. Less than a week later, two Rottweilers crashed through a window of their home and mauled a poodle walking nearby and terrified the poodle’s owners who were chased by the dogs. Those attacks led to calls for a ban on Rottweilers in the city.

I honestly didn't believe that BSL BS would hit so close to home. If they do try and ban rottweilers I will be on the front line fighting against BSL. Thanks to I have learned alot about how to deal with this type of thing. :fingerscr My fingers are crossed that there is no truth to the last comment

September 4th, 2005, 09:00 PM
I'm speechless right now. That poor child. We need solutions that work not knee jerk reactions.:sad:

love my dogs
September 4th, 2005, 09:40 PM
Oh my word, those poor kids, and I can't believe the 2 rottis jumping through a window to get that dog. That is really scary, and fear is what invokes the breed bans.

Banning is a trend right now, so I wouldn't be surprised if it hits you too. With the new Ontario ban fresh on everyone's minds, the media will be looking for attack stories, which will in turn have the public calling for action. The public feels safer when they think that they no longer have to worry about a particular breed attacking anymore. It is all how it is perceived.

I think you should start right away gathering hero stories about therapy dogs and the like in your area, and trying to get them in the paper and on the news, so that the public is getting some of the positives about rotties, pitties and german shepherds, but specificly rotties since that is the breed in question at the moment.

September 5th, 2005, 01:21 AM
down here so many ppl support BSL, it is now used in my state and will come into force in others so i have read what worries me is that now their picking on german shephers down ehre, there is so many attackes in the media every day and constant suggestion of so called 'breed legislation' in relation to the issue. as we all know they will jsut go from breed to breed, there seems to be a bit of hate going around toward bigger dogs these days, its totally uncaleld for and jsut downright unfair.

as a GSD owner i am ertainly aware of getting the public image up, i ahve such a good dog who has great manners, and im constantly aware of her actions out in public, its sad really and a bit unfair on all of these poor breeds.

speaking of dogs going through windlows, my girsl mum did that, she was a full grown GSD at the time, amazingly she didnt hurt herself.....

September 6th, 2005, 11:56 AM
Thanks for the advice love my dogs, that will give me a good starting point. I hope this is not going to come to BSL. I really can't see our provincial gov't wasting their time on this issue. As for the municipal gov't, I have seen our mayor on TV make a statement that he does not believe in banning specific breeds. If the rest of city council doesn't agree with him I guess it doesn't really matter what the mayor thinks.

Now, I just need to find some really positive Rottweiler stories. I guess I better start digging.