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Dog FOUND in St-Henri (Montréal)

September 3rd, 2005, 06:56 PM
Shaggy white and black dog found in St-Henri on August 20th, around 9 pm. Found at Cyr Georges Etienne Cartier park.

Don't have much info as person who found him is clueless on dogs. he is a male (that she can tell), seems to be around 20 some lbs, no clue on age or breed. Have not seen him, but will get picture. Picture of "lost" dog will be needed to compare with the dog before surrendering him to a family.

Please pass the word around, my feeling is he's a dumpee, but this lady is convinced he was lost. He's too "sweet"! Hah! Haven't we seen those before.... :sad:

Thanks, I've been busy (it's raining dogs around here!) but I want to help all the ones I can, so if someone has more time than me to spread the word, the more chances of being reunited.