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10 mo. beagle sleeps ALOT, itchy too!

September 2nd, 2005, 08:00 AM
About three weeks ago, we rescued an abandoned beagle. She is really great and adjusting to our life well. The first day I had her I took her to the vet to get her checked out. At the time, the vet said she had kennel cough and gave us some meds. He also told us she could not have her shots until this cleared up. So eventually (in about a week) she seemed better, we got her shots, did stool samples, heart worm, the usual fun. All was normal.

I also told the vet that she sneezed a lot and was scratching (all over, not in one spot). She also had pretty moderate to heavy eye drainage, and her eyes can get red as the day progresses. He told me that it was allergies to pollen or something and that it would go away after the season. She is also a very heavy shedder, and as per the vet, beagles do not shed a lot, it is only b/c its summer (as per other beagle owners, that is completely false).

I have had dogs all my life, however this is my first beagle. She seems to sleep all morning, deeply, and I have to drag her out of the house for her first walk. I can make breakfast, bang dishes, etc. and she doesn't move in the am. She usually comes around by about 3 pm or so and gets progressively "up" until about 12am. She also does wander at night and gets a very awake spot at about 5 am. But by 6 am she is out like a light for the rest of the day (except for forced walks, but I know she has to go).

We did rescue her and have had her for about 3 weeks now, so we really don't know where she came from or what her schedule was then (did her previous owner work weird hours, etc.). We have tried to keep her up during the day to have her sleep at night, but that hasn't really worked either. Plus it is so sad to keep waking up her so sleepy little head and have her eyes drupe right back to sleep.

As for the itching, I have only bathed her when we first got her (and she was dirty) and have not done anything like that, or plan to, unless necessary b/c of her skin. And I got her an oatmeal shampoo. She has had her flea meds, and I don't see any, so I am safely assuming that it is not fleas (and the vet said he didn't see any either). I tried rubbing some aloe vera on her today (don't even know if it penetrated the coat) to help ease the itching if her skin is irritated.

I know I might just be a worried mommy and this might be completely normal for a 10 mo. old beagle. I have not had a dog this young in a really, really long time (since I was a kid) and do not remember the specifics. I guess my questions is, is this normal for her (beagle, age)? Could this just be allergies? (I have her on Nutro Max food). Or is this some devestating disease that if not caught now can have awful impact on her the rest of her life (see nervous mommy)? I would love all of your input.