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Milk producing stress related????

August 29th, 2005, 04:56 PM
Hi there,

Well, we have a 1.5 yr old GSD/Mix, and she just started producing "milk" and I can guarantee she isn't pregnant. When she is in her cycle, we walk her for her potty breaks (she isn't spayed because she has a problem with anestesia). So, about 2 weeks ago, we had sold our puppy that was 6 months old and they were the best of friends and ever since then, our dog is acting funny... Whiney, sleeps alot, whines some more, and I just seen she is leaking milk from her teats. So... my question is this: Can this all be "sadness" from her "sister" being gone? Is she just having a false pregnancy, or is she just super bummed out and this is how her body is dealing with it. She isn't eating, or drinking much at all...


August 29th, 2005, 05:03 PM
Since she is not fixed it is possible that she is pregnant or having a false pregnancy. Has she gained weight? Take her to the vet so you may find out for sure.

Lucky Rescue
August 29th, 2005, 05:16 PM
Could be false pregnancy.
She isn't eating, or drinking much at all...

You need to take her to the vet to rule out anything like pyometra, a life threatening uterine infection that requires emergency spay to save the dog's life..

What is her problem with anesthetic? There are anesthetic specially designed for young, sick, small or very old animals (and even animals with things like heart murmurs) that doesn't permeate the organs and is very safe.

August 29th, 2005, 05:47 PM
1)No, she has not gained any weight

2) Vet mentioned something about her not coming out of the anestsia very well and wouldn't recommend her going thru it again, as it may be fatal. Something she said is very rare....

3) My hubby said she is eating normal and drinking, (i don't see it but he does) and she is just as playful, no pain anywhere....

So I was just wondering if she misses the mothering she did to the other puppy that is now gone and was adopted out.....

August 29th, 2005, 06:11 PM
What was she under for before she was 6 months.

August 29th, 2005, 06:27 PM
I think it's closer to a false pregnancy than missing mothering.... If your vet can't figure it out, I think you need a new vet. ;)

August 29th, 2005, 06:53 PM
She had her dewclaws removed and a stomach surgery

Lucky Rescue
August 29th, 2005, 07:22 PM
Just curious, but why wasn't she spayed when she had either of these two surgeries, if the vet thought it was worth the risk of anesthesia to remove dewclaws?

Leaving her intact is risking mammary cancer, tumours of the reproductive organs, and pyometra, (all potentially fatal) false pregnancies, real pregnancies, and stress which could lower immune systems.

August 30th, 2005, 06:23 AM
The vet don't believe in spaying before 6 months and it was when she was coming out of surgery that she didn't wake up right, had seizures and was vomiting and got some if it in her lungs... Vet just said that its our choice, but if it was their dog, she wouldn't put her through ANY surgery again. So, I am following that advice.

As far as not getting her spayed, That is our choice, not yours and I didn't post on her to hear you lecture about how not spaying is blah blah blah...

You don't know me... Everyone of our animals is spayed or nuetered. This one is NOT for health reasons. You have no right to make your "stand" on such and issue when you don't know the whole story.

I regret ever coming on this board to ask my question anyhow... Thanks for the lesson, that people are judged on this board.

BTW: I work for a vet. She is on Vacation and I can't reach her. That is THE ONLY REASON I POSED THE QUESTION HERE!!!!!!!!

August 30th, 2005, 07:38 AM
Ok, deep breath. Everybody's happpy. If you read thru many of the posts on this forum you will see countless posts of people who refuse to S/N their pets because they want to pump out a few litters, etc. You are correct, no one here knows you, nor do you know Lucky, nor me, I don't know Lucky, and on and on and on, which is the reason why questions sometimes get answered the way they do. Many times you have to read between the lines regarding why a question was posed or a comment made.

Often ppl are told they cannot/should not do something (such as risking more anesthesia) only to find out that a new drug or procedure is available. Often ppl do not understand future risks associated with not S/N. Apparently vets can spay far sooner than 6 mos, which is why the question was asked. If your vet does not spay before 6 mos, then the answer is "my vet does not perform spay before 6 mos and we don't want to risk her going through another surgery".

I don't understand why you believe you are being 'judged' rather I see ppl who are attempting to understand your situation and as a result are asking questions to try to understand.

Best of luck with your pup. Hope all works out well. :pawprint:

Lucky Rescue
August 30th, 2005, 09:52 AM
As far as not getting her spayed, That is our choice, not yours and I didn't post on her to hear you lecture about how not spaying is blah blah blah...

Gee. Of course it's your choice. I was merely informing you of the health risks associated with leaving a dog intact, in case you didn't know. Not everyone does.
Whatever. Good luck with her.

White Wolf
August 30th, 2005, 12:04 PM
The original question has been answered.