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cat constipation

lisa in alberta
August 29th, 2005, 04:10 PM
As of today, my cat has not had a bowel movement in 8 days. This is a chrinic problem for her. A few months ago, I had her to the vet after she started bleeding from the rectum from trying to pass a bowel movement. Since she hadn't gone in so long, it was very hard. The vet tried 3 enemas without success. Eventually, my Yoda had to go under general anthestetic and me manually "cleaned out". She has been on a stool softener ever since and the vet put her on a canned food diet for sensitive stomachs. She is 12 years old and overweight, so she is on Walthams Reducing Diet dry food. Since that episode, Yoda usually has a bowel movement every 5 days, but this period is even longer. She must be very uncomfortable, but her behavior hasn't changed. She is as cuddly as ever. I am wondering if there is a laxative anyone can recommend. I have tried laxatone, but she doesn't like it, and it's hard to get her to take it. I asked the vet if there was anything natural to recommend, but she said there was not. I am hoping someone out there can help! Thanks in advance!

Lucky Rescue
August 29th, 2005, 04:58 PM
8 days?? :eek: You need to get her to the vet right away.

Take her off the dry food and give her canned - she desperately needs the water. Wet food is better for overall health, and for weight reduction.

But depending on what exactly is causing her problem, resolution to it can vary.

lisa in alberta
August 29th, 2005, 05:02 PM
Thanks for your reponse! I was hoping the response wouldn't be to take her to the vet, but I agree with you. I am amazed she hasn't started throwing up... she has been drinking lots of water. When I last took her to the vet, they did xrays, and no blockages or tumors showed up, but there must be a bigger reason that she is chronically getting so constipated. My poor Yodie..

Lucky Rescue
August 29th, 2005, 05:11 PM
Do you know what's causing this? Megacolon...other?

If she won't eat the Laxatone, rub a dose on the top of her two front paws and she'll lick it off.

Add water to her canned food, even the juice from water packed tuna.

But before any of this - vet!

Here is an article with info:

August 29th, 2005, 05:19 PM
I give my Bager Metamucil (unflavoured) in his food, about a quarter of a teaspoon, pretty much every day. Works! And believe me, I tried everything else (pumpkin, lactulose, only wet food, Laxatone). Lactulose is pretty good, but quite strong, to be used only when needed.

lisa in alberta
August 29th, 2005, 05:27 PM

No, the vet was not able to give a cause, and just talked about Yoda approaching old age being overweight. After reading the article you sent, megacolon seems to apply. Thanks so much!

Badger, I will consult with the vet. I wish I had given her metamucil before it reached this point.

Thank you both! I am so weak when dealing with sick animals. I already lost a Betta fish this weekend, so this has been a yucky week! :fingerscr

August 29th, 2005, 06:30 PM
Try the canned pumpkin, most cats actually like it..mix with her canned food.

Metamucil (psyllium) works good too, stay away from the citrus flavored or she'll turn up her nose at it. Mix a 1/2 teaspoon with her food. I prefer pumpkin as a laxitive for critters myself. You can add safflower oil to her's loaded with vitamin e and it helps the coat and to move things along also.

Mixing a little water to her meal like Lucky said can only help also.

lisa in alberta
August 30th, 2005, 01:43 AM
I never thought I would be so happy to see poop, but my Yoda pooped on her own tonight after 8 days! It looked normal and wasn't abnormally hard (sorry if TMI), and she doesn't seem to be in distress. I tookd some of your advice and tried her with some metamucil. Not sure if that was what did the trick since she went to the litter box shortly after, but I will keep using it if my vet says it's okay.

I have Yoda booked in for a vet appt tomorrow, but now I am wondering if it is still needed? I will call in the morning and see if the vet will discuss the metamucil on the phone.. What do you guys think?

Thanks for your help and support!

lisa in alberta
September 1st, 2005, 11:46 PM
Just thought I would drop by with an update about my Yoda. I did take her to the vet, and Lucky, you were right. She has megacolon. I saw the Xray, and she was completely full. The vet couldn't believe she hadn't been crying in pain. She's such a strong kitty. After an enema and some Cisipride didn't work on the first day, I brought her back on the next day and the xray showed she was even worse. They decided to prep her to be manually evacuated. The vet was calling me with updates and he called about 2 hours later to say that they had sedated her in preparation for the anthestetic and the evacuation, and that he had good news! Yoda had gone all by herself in the kennel!! I guess the sedation was enough to allow her to relax to do it! ANother xray showed just a small bit left in her colon, so she didn't need to get the procedure done! All of us were relieved - me, the vet, and Yoda, I'm sure. It could have been the drugs, but Yoda was a different cat when she came home. She was sooo happy, and purred all night. She also ate like a horse. She hasn't eaten as much today, but she may be exhausted from her day at the vet. She will be on Cisipride long term now.

FYI, the vet and I discussed that fibre can actually be harmful to cats with megacolon, as the fibre just increases the volume of the stool, but they are still unable to contract the colon to get it out.

I am hoping Yoda will be much better now and that the Cisipride will be a Godsend!

Thanks for listening, and please pray for the people and animals affected by the hurricane disaster in the South..