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Two more on the healthier band wagon!!!

August 26th, 2005, 09:15 PM
I brought my dad a bag of Wellness Fish and Sweet potato, and while he was opening the bag, his doggy was pushing my dad's hands away to try to get in. He eats slowly all day, and my dad put a handful of kibbles on the floor and this little guy (who is missing a lot of teeth) ate them all right away. MMM... Done!!!

I also convinced another friend that Iams puppy food is not so hot and the cup runneth over with the testing they do. So I picked up a bag of wellness puppy food for her too! Still not sure if her doggy will like it, but my feeling is, as long as there's a lot of fish, they'll love it!! We'll see.

2 down, 4 million to go! (Then I move on to the states! :D ) Anybody want to join my cult? LOL That's what it feels like. Like "Hey pet enthusiasts! I recruited s'more!! BWAHAHA" :D