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Government of Ontario Sucks - Rant

August 26th, 2005, 10:29 AM
Maybe our government should address the problem of welfare queens breeding like rabbits. One child could be a mistake any more than that while on welfare is a career choise. Free money for life. Perhaps they could spend my tax dollars on re vamping the youth offender act. Let us know who the little bas$%^s are that are roaming our streets. Bring back the death penality for scum that rape, molest kids and murder people. Get us a Governal General that is Canadian born and has no ties to the FLQ, either by association or marriage. Make our laws tougher for people who abuse animals. Our tax dollars protect indangered species. What about the pit bulls? Our government has taken a Hitler attitude in canine cleansing. Hitler wanted to rid the world of Jews and our government wants to rid Ontario of all of these dogs. We no longer live in a free country, We are ruled by dictators who tell us what to do in every aspect of out lives. This is wrong on so many levels. I will support an under ground railway for all pit bulls that need help. Either by hiding them, transporting them or just fighting the law. Trust me I would have no problem going to jail rather than paying a fine. At least in jail I could get free medical and free dental. Something my tax dollars are paying for anyway.

August 26th, 2005, 10:40 AM
Do you know how much money is given to those on welfare besides the monthly cheque. They actually get a refund when filing their taxes. I don't see how this is possible when they didn't earn the money. That money can be used in much more productive ways.

August 26th, 2005, 12:13 PM
Do not get me started! Especially on welfare. There are tooo many taking advantage. Hey I don't mind if its truly needed. But trust me, I know at least 2 - 3 people who have scammed welfare. They have a car, don't work, drink and smoke pot all day. AND THEY the government pays for daycare while they sit at home. Yep thats right. They don't even have to watch their kids. Where do I sign up? The thing is they do this daycare thing so the parents have no excuse to not find a job. Fine then why are they still on it for years and years? My Step daughters mother was collecting money on her even though she lived with us and never ever saw her daughter. She also collected baby bonuses, got extra money for school supplies and even sent SD a gift from a charity for Xmas. But she has enough money to go to cottages, camping and smoke all the pot she wants, pay for car insurance, rent a whole top to a house, add a outdoor pool. Anyhow she owes the government now 2000 dollars only because someone reported her. She was doing this for over a year and no one checked on her, or her children. There should be more accountablity with this money. Let us see receipts that say you paid for school supplies with that money. Lets see some progress in finding a job and see them using thses resources that the welfare office offers. How come she was able to not even pay for anything for her daughter but spend it all on herself? For over a year? And then they can get taxes back. Oh my god.

it certainly isn't a crime to be poor and need welfare. By all means. I guess Im just so sick of it because of this situation.

If I told you even half of this story Im afraid all true mothers would be on a witch hunt for this lady.
And I know of a couple others that do the same but not as extreme.