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cat saving tips Montreal

August 25th, 2005, 02:27 PM
Cat saving tips

Dolores Duquette has worked with Montreal animal rescue operations for 25 years and still feels too many pet cats are dying needlessly. "This summer I heard of five cats that fell from high rises and, no, they don't have nine lives," she says. Cats left on balconies are often unaware of their advanced elevation and fall to their deaths, a kitty phenomenon known as High Rise Syndrome. "It was the worst summer I've seen for this problem," she says.

For those who insist on leaving their cats on elevated balconies, she recommends chicken wire to prevent cats climbing onto ledges.

Duquette says many cats also drown in backyard pools, sometimes after tumbling in off a less-than-sturdy tarpaulin cover. "Autumn is coming, and people often don't empty their pools," she says.

She'd like to see commonly available anti-drowning pool alarms made mandatory and suggests pool owners also leave floats in the water to allow an errant cat a fighting chance to escape a watery death. Kristian Gravenor