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Problem with Poop!!

August 12th, 2003, 01:58 PM
I have 2 dogs. The female, Lady, is 5 and the male, Max is 3. They are....or should I say were...housetrained up until recently. We just moved into a new house about 2 weeks ago and they've suddenly started to poop in the house. Our old house was a 1 story with a small fenced in yard that they had the run of. The new house is a 2 story and the yard is not fenced in. Because of this we have to let them out and watch them to make sure they don't run away. They are both doing their duty outside, but they are also going on the 2nd floor loft area of the house (which is carpeted). I assume the dogs are still confused by the move and all. What I don't understand though is why they seem to understand to go outside, yet they will still go inside. Neither dogs are crated. Lady never was and Max was when we first got him but he hasn't been for over a year. Both dogs sleep with us in our upstairs bedroom and always had free run of the old house. We are blocking the upstairs in the new house so they are doing this when we're home. Help!! How can we stop them from doing this.