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PIT BULL puppy snatched off street!!

August 24th, 2005, 09:25 AM
Oh stupid.....what were the owners thinking? They are to blame for this as they were not paying attention to their dog, (off leash = illegal!) I guess they got a real dose of reality....

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A London family is searching for its pit pull puppy, dognapped during a family outing.
Shawn Wysynski, his girlfriend, Angela Vella, and their three-year-old daughter, Daisy, were out Sunday with Meka, their pit bull.

They were near the Thames River in northeast London collecting bugs for their pet lizard when Meka, whose leash Wysynski had removed, ran toward the street.

A neighbour saw Meka near the road and, worried the dog might be hit by a car, left her home to scoop up the animal.

Just then, a brown Buick drove by, stopped and the driver grabbed the puppy, Wysynski said.

The neighbour unsuccessfully pleaded with the driver to let go of the dog and told him the owners were looking for their pet near the creek.

Meka was wearing a collar, but her dog tags were attached to the leash.

The dog is black with one white patch.

"She's a distinct-looking dog and she's probably scared," said Wysynski. "The best bet we have is with the pit bull ban they'll have to register her."

The neighbour described the family in the Buick as ordinary-looking people.

The driver was a man with a bald head, the woman had blond hair and they had a three- or four-year-old boy in the car.

Meka's owners have contacted animal shelters in the area and have begun putting up posters, but haven't found any clues.

Meka is part of a household that includes a cat, a lizard and a fish.

"We're animal lovers and we train them and treat them very, very well," said Wysynski.

"(Meka was) great with my girl. She acted like the cat and the cat acted like a pit bull."

Animals that are found without an owner can be turned over to the London Animal Care Centre.

Brett Harlton, executive director of the centre, said Wysynski's situation is a difficult one.

Without tags, ownership of the dog is difficult to verify.

This significantly lowers Wysynski's chances of finding Meka if the people who took her are intent on keeping her.

DOG MISSING: Shawn Wysynski, his girlfriend Angela Vella and daughter Daisy, 3, have lost their dog, Meka. The six-month-old female pit bull was with them near the Thames River on Sunday, but she wandered off and was picked up by a family in a car. Wysynski thought his dog would be returned, but she hasn't been.

August 24th, 2005, 09:34 AM
lol, we posted it around the same time.
Isn't this so sad! I feel awful for the family, how they must be panicking and hurting right now.
I have the sinking feeling Jo Public is going to try and start enforcing the ban. :mad:
Yes, I heard about the upcoming suit wooohooo, I am so excited. I heard Clayton is going to be having a press conference on Monday!

I'll delete my thread!

ETA: I must say though with all that is going on this pup should never have been off leash like that :(