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Chow Consistant Seizures

August 23rd, 2005, 03:53 PM
I hope someone can help me. I have a 4 month old Chow/Lab mix puppy that came to my home covered with fleas and ticks and had worms, on June 14th of this year. She arrived on a Monday and we immediately started a flea/tick control treatment recommended by the vet and had an appt to take her in for a check up on that friday. On wed night, she had her first seizure with foaming at the mouth, convulsing and loosing control of her bowels. I called the vet while she was convulsing and the vet told me that there really wasn't alot to do while they were in this state, just to make sure she didn't hurt herself and comfort her with words and to bring her in the next day (thurs) to be checked out. We did so and the dr. thought that she was reacting to having so many pests on her and then being free of them. Checked her out and she had worms, so gave her a worm med also and started her on heart worm pills. Since her first seizure she has consistantly had one every 10 days. They do not last real long, maybe a minute. She no longer looses control of her bowels, but does urinate. She is starving after the seizure, and eats very fast, like she hasn't eaten in a month, even if she just finished eating before the seizure. One time she ran in circles barking and howling afterwards. One time she barked and growled during. Sometimes she whines. She usually ends up on her side, her head arched back, her hind legs drawn up, her front legs stretched out and convulsing with eyes blinking and head jerking. One day before she had seizure, my sister noticed that her eyes were going down when she was starting to go to sleep rather than up like most dogs. After they are over, she is usually very tired. The vet has tried a high sugar vitamin treatment thinking they were possible due to low blood sugar, but she still has them, almost like clockwork. The vet now thinks it could possibly be a liver shunt, which will prevent her from living very long even with surgery. We love her very much and she is a very sweet smart dog, but she does refuse to answer to her name (another board, I am sure). She came to us at 8 weeks totally potty trained...she will only pee on papers or if during the day, she will go to the door and whine. Does anyone have any suggestions or have had a similar situation. I find it very hard to think that if it is a liver problem, it would be so consistant. We mark it on the calendar now and watch for them, so they are not as scary, but still are very pitiful to watch. Thanks!

August 23rd, 2005, 04:44 PM
I have a dog with similar symptoms. Has your vet done a blood test? Usually the best time for that is directly after a seizure, which can be tricky.The blood screen will test for epilepsy. It sounds a lot like a grand mal seizure (epilepsy) or another possiblity that our vet told us about was a pancreatic tumour. It was a process of elimination really for us. If the seizures are frequent and can be properly diagnosed by a vet using a blood test and determined to be epilepsy then they will recommend phenobarbital. It's a drug to help control the siezures and the dog will likely require regular blood screens because the drug can damage the liver over time. We also switched his food to a good quality, no preservative food. That really helped as well. He is on Burns but there are a number of other good ones. There are many posts here about dog food.

There are some great sites on canine epilepsy, if in fact that is the diagnosis:

You really need to get your pup properly diagnosed that would be the key. Go back to your vet, that's what I did and I was persistent.

Keep us posted,

Good Luck!


August 23rd, 2005, 06:55 PM
Wow, where did you get a dog with so many parasites? Is there a more specialized clinic in your area? I think you need a specialist, maybe a neurologist?

August 24th, 2005, 10:00 AM
She just showed up at our house and when my daughter lifted her up, her little tummy was just crawling...she only weighed 8 lbs and she had approx.
20 ticks also. We don't know where she came from....perhaps someone dropped her off at the side of the road because of her problems or we have a neighbor that is notorious for not taking care of her animals, but keeps getting more and can't take care of them, so she might have wondered down from there, but we didn't try to find out if she came from there, as if she did, she certainly didn't need to go back...who knows, but she sure knew where to come!!! LOL She is part of our family now!!!
I don't think there is a specialist in our immediate town, but am going to search and see....she is due for a seizure tomorrow...I watched her sleep last night and this morning and her eyes are going all over while she is sleeping and her nose and mouth twitched last night quite a bit....I also read on one of the sites that the previous poster posted that there is concern of brain tumor, stroke, infection or something of that sort when the animals starts seizures outside the normal age of epilepsy (before one year or after four)
So, needless to say I am quite worried about her....Will keep posting our progress and thanks for the responses!

doggy lover
August 24th, 2005, 10:06 AM
It sounds like epilepsy, low blood sugar would cause them to faint but I don't think they would convulse. Will the vet not give you meds to help with the seizures? Keep us posted thanks.