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All you have to do is READ Ont. Dog Owers' Liabilty Act

August 21st, 2005, 03:29 PM
to start worrying.

If anyone are afraid of spiders, snakes,..whatever, when confronted with one of our fears, we always assume the Worst! Ie : "That Spider ran right at me! it was going to Get Me!" (when in fact the spider was trying to avoid & get way.)

O.K....Now think about all those dog paranoid folks out there. Your dog looks sideways at them, or cocks an eyebrow in there general direction, & it becomes 'an attack', ot a "threat'. If the police arrive, that 'look' or eyebrow raising has escalated into a full blown snarl & some snappping. After all, the person is now looking for a good reason that the police were called at all, and their personal fear is not justifyable reason.

IMHO, this is the end of dog walking as we know it. Especially if you own a large dog. No more parking Puppy alone outside the variety store while popping in for a second for newspapers. Even if the dog is in your sight-line, it's their word against your word now! And your dog gets grabbed & taken into custody. It's just Not worth it.

It's advisable I think, to just get off the sidewalks when approached by a pedestrian, or just walk your dog after dark in a 'nice' unihabited area. (I'm sure all we women are just So Thrilled about THAT! :eek: -NOT!)

Dog owner today, social pariah after the 29th. (or maybe Before that?) Thanks, Dalton, Mikey etc. You just took away many folk's primary exercise, & opportunity social interactions. Next time I hear about affordable fitness, exercise, & the need for local social outlets & interaction for seniors, etc. I'll be reminded of these 2 clowns, & my spineless MPP who let this all go by unchallenged. :yuck:

August 23rd, 2005, 11:25 PM
This law is indeed scary . . . I own a Shiba Inu and a Scottish Terrier, both dogs are extremely well behaved and yet still, there are people who live in my area that hate them, simply because they are dogs. I am scared for them and I'm taking extra precaution as to were I should take them.

I've owned these dogs for eight years, makes me sick that dog owners like myself will be treated like criminals for owning the most loyal animal on earth.