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My cat won't purr!!

August 19th, 2005, 08:29 PM
Hello. I have noticed that Mrs. Norris hasn't purred in a really long time. I think she has purred once in the last three months. The thing is, she used to purr only when she would suck on my hair and knead my head. But she has grown out of that phase. She purred once while I groomed her but despite the playing, the patting, the grooming, or the feeding she just doesn't purr. Could there be something wrong with her? Oh one major change she had is that my sister has a new kitten in the house. They play all day together, but I noticed these last two days mrs. norris has been hissing at her. What do you guys think is wrong??

taking her to the vet is a challenge. She won't let anyone but me touch her and the vet needs to put her under just to do a basic examination. She bite, scratches, screams hysterically and goes just nuts. So I don't want to take her unless it is an absolute emergency because of the 300.00 anesthetic charge vs. a 30.00 visit.