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August 18th, 2005, 07:20 PM
This has been taken from another list that I thought everyone might be interested in.

I am incredibly excited to share the following with you all, and I hope that if anyone has a Golden with hemangio they will RUN to participate! The person behind the web site, Dr. Galen Flynn, I am just so impressed with, and I think you will be too. She can say it better than I can; here are her notes. If you're the kind of person who just wants to cut to the chase, the web site address is:

Here is what is needed:
1. Dogs must have hemangiosarcoma
2. 10 cc of Blood drawn by vet into an EDTA tube (this is an anticoagulant)
3. Signed consent form (this can be downloaded from the website)
4. Photocopy of pedigree
5. Photocopy of pathology report

If blood cannot be taken from the dog, cheek swabs can be used. If people email me at with a request for a kit, I will send them out with
postage paid return envelopes. Blood is better because it
gives us more DNA and it is easier to extract the DNA from blood. Sometimes it is hard to get DNA from the cheek swabs and that is why blood is better.

Then, Galen writes from another note:

I wanted you to be the very first to know. Dr. Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, co-director of the Genome Sequencing program and leader of the Canine genome project, has asked me to collaborate with her and to collect blood samples and pathology reports from Golden Retrievers WITH Hemangiosarcoma. She is wants to find genetic markers for hemangiosarcoma and her focus group is Golden Retrievers!!

Also, there has been research into a yeast base vaccine that has had phenomenal results in mice with hemangiosarcoma. Apparently it stops tumor growth but I have to read more about it to be sure. Anyway, they are hoping to do clinical trials in dogs soon!!

To any of us who have experienced the agony and defeat of
hemangiosarcoma, these studies are CRITICAL. Please, if you have a dog that has been diagnosed with hemangio, please please participate. And if you feel it is worthy, spread the word. Permission to cross-post anywhere. Together, as breeders and lovers of Goldens, we really can make a difference.