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The dreaded " Parvo"

August 18th, 2005, 12:39 PM

I need every ones help here

I am recovering - from treating a lot of two month old pups with
" Parvo".......this is a nightmare I would never even want my enemy to go through......

....At this time we are not sure of where it came in on.......... could be company trip to the big feed stores who allow pets to walk around with their owners.......a trip to Walmart.... could have been even my best friend who came for a visit...... Even could have been a bad vaccine.........I'am sure it was the mom bring it in from possible a coyote....anyway

I can't get any clear answers from anyone....Vets... drug company( who have been very helpfull in paying for the last tests- Thanks)
...internet sites.......

.......When are my pups safe to go to new homes
.......Are they okay to have their second shots

If anyone out there even has their experience.......all answers will be most welcomed to this



Lucky Rescue
August 18th, 2005, 12:57 PM
OH that's terrible.:(

IF the puppies survive, and they may not, they should be recovered for at least 5 weeks before they go to homes.

Since the effects of parvo can linger and manifest after months or even years, you need to inform adopters about the illness.

So sad to see this, when a simple vaccination could prevent such a costly and devastating illness.

Here is a site that may answer a lot of your questions:

Hope those babies will survive!

August 18th, 2005, 01:19 PM
My mother adopted a pup, he was vacinated againest Parvo, but still got the disease. He made a full recovery,he's five years old and very healthy. There's hope....just hang in there.

August 18th, 2005, 08:35 PM
I am sorry to say your pups are not out of the woods just yet, (health wise)

8 weeks old is very young, they have little or no immunity right now, moms natural immunity is wearing off, that is why vaccinations are started early. The timing between vaxs is crucial also. No pup is considered protected until 3 weeks after the final vax. Contact with the outside world should be limited until then.
If these pups survive they should grow up at your house for a while

Btw, you can bring parvo home on the bottom of your shoes too.

August 18th, 2005, 09:26 PM
There's a herbal remedy called Parvaid...I've heard that it really makes a huge difference in recovering puppies...although I know its not the cure.

When they are adults, they will have it in their system but it probably won't bug them too much. But it will be in their poop so these dogs can be deadly to puppies and unvaccinated dogs.

I think its fair to say that after these pups you should be carefull about bringing new dogs or puppies into your place...not that you can't--but its gonna take a lot of bleach :yuck:

Its transmissable by dogs feces mostly, so its pretty hard to guess where it came from...and at that young they were at that touchy stage when they are too young to have much in the way of an immune system; even if they'd been vaccinated.

I feel for you--I work at a shelter and I deal with puppies and dogs that have parvo every day and almost all of them end up getting put to sleep. :sad:

Its a terrible disease and I wish all the folks who "don't believe" in vaccinations would come down and see these poor, undeserving creatures.
Maybe seeing the reality of the disease will give them something to believe in.

August 19th, 2005, 01:58 AM
thanks for your input...... we had two batches that were a week a part for a total of 16 pups..............from the first onset of "parvo" and the amount of time it takes to manifes in the pup ment they were not quite 7 weeks and almost 8... we started to vaccinated at the 8 week mark...but they were already infected by a couple days ( which we did not know)

Going back over who was at our place for two weeks before.......was only neighbors over for visits....and a meter reading man.......but I had gone to a pet store in our local city to pick up horse feed and they allow dogs to come in with owners...............I also was at a super store and walmart................but we also had some people doing door to door sales one day.........................

now drug company has even thought that the vaccines the females got befor hand might not have that is why vet has them in volved....but we will never beable to prove it......

Also suggested that the coyotes can carry it and one of the moms loves to run from tree to tree looking for chipmucks and she could have picked it up.....

Anyway long story...this as sure opened a lot of eyes to find out that even the vaccines will not prevent this and it usually take at least 3-4 to possibably to protect the pup....could even take more.......

Pups all got varies stages...some oh so sick and three that did not........but ever one has gained alot of weight and are all doing well.............. Drug company has test most of the pups and are clear of yet they can't answer most of my question..

and I have put into our ground at least so far over a 100 liters of bleach and just bought 50 more liters and am now starting to do further out....every one who comes must bleach their shoes when they get out of the car and when they go...........

Again this has open a lot of eyes to the danger of "Parvo" ... I even have a breeder who says she is not even going to stud out her male you just don't know what is lurking around that bush anymore..

Again thanks every one for letting me vent

August 19th, 2005, 02:03 AM
Thank Lucky Rescue...

.I had found that site on my seach and it is a very helpfull site