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wanted home for 6 months, will pay

August 17th, 2005, 03:27 AM
We live in syria, in the middle east! We adopted two strays as dogs are so mistreated in this country when they were puppies. I am British, my husband is from Holland. He works for an international company.

I have on big fat worry. We may have to move to Australia for his work around xmas 2005. No dogs allowed from syria to australia (at all, even with quarantine), But for Australia ok if coming from canada or US, if the dogs lived in Canada or US for 6 months. I am so worried.

Does anyone know a nice farm/home to look after them for 6 months? I will pay about 500 dollars US (or more, depending on the people) for the two dogs to NOT be in a kennel in US or Canada. Anywhere in the country will do, but near an international airport is best. A run around farm will do, but sleep indoors and fenced please! Or a retired person who could do with the cash. They want TLC and walks, not much more.

I am totally totally bonafide. My dogs are really tame, one is 20 pounds, one is 50 pounds. White, cute, no breed but well trained.

please help!