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August 15th, 2005, 04:47 PM
I am new on here and just wanted to say hello. I have 2 boys that occupy most of my time. Logan is the oldest he is 3 and Brayden is 16 months. we have a female Rottie named Venus that is sweet as sugar. We also have a female cat named Sassy Cat. We adopted her from the Humane Society and she has been fixed and front claws removed. She is the most loving, gentle cat but all of a sudden she has started peeing in different places in the house. She eats and drinks normally and gets lots of attention. She uses her litter box but has up and decided to also use my son's bed,an expensive coat in the bottom of my closet, a blanket, and in my son's pajama drawer. Since it is not one person's things, I cannot figure out the method to her madness. Could there be a medical problem that would cause a cat to all of a sudden start peeing in the house? We have had her for 16 months and this just started a few weeks ago. No new pets or anything that would make her feel the need to "mark her territory". Also, what is the difference between peeing and spraying and do female cats spray? thanks alot, Patricia :confused:

heeler's rock!
August 15th, 2005, 05:22 PM
Welcome to! :)

How long ago was your kitty declawed, and did you decide to do that, or was she that way when you adopted her? Sometimes declawing can cause all sorts of behavioural issues, including peeing elsewhere. There's lots of threads on declawing if you just do a search on here.

A foster cat that was returned to me was peeing outside of his litter box. He was so stressed by the people in the house he went to, he started peeing on the daughter's bed. That's why they returned him to me. After a vet visit, they found out he had an ear infection and a UTI!! No wonder he was peeing outside of his litter box! He was trying to tell them he was in pain and needed help, but as they told me, they didn't want to invest the money into him if it wasn't going to work out. :rolleyes: So they dumped him. Poor fella! :(

Anyways, take your kitty to the vet first to rule out any medical conditions. If there's nothing physically wrong with her, you can start narrowing down the causes. Even something like changing the type of litter can cause a cat to go outside of the litter box. She's trying to tell you something, now you just have to figure out what that is! I know, not so easy! :)

August 15th, 2005, 05:30 PM
She was declawed when we got her and she was around 2 years old. We haven't changed anything in the house or her litter and I keep the box clean. I don't want to return her to the Humane Society because she is a wonderful cat and my kids love her. I will take her to the vet to see if there is something else going on. thanks for the info and do female cats spray and if they do what is the difference between that and just peeing? Thanks alot!