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He's only a Sex Toy

August 12th, 2005, 06:00 PM
Well actually it's my parents who arre in their 80's neighbour and it's now affecting me, as I'm not going to visit because of them and the way they're treating their doggy. So it's another weekend less to spend with my parents.

Their neighbour has a BEAUTIFUL male German Shepherd Dog. To them, he's a money making machine, and they make it clear, they only have him to stud out :mad: When they first got him as a pup, when I'd visit I noticed the kids 12-16 didn't pay much attention. No matte the weather, the dog is chained to a stake in the ground under a tree. More often than not, he spends his time pacing back and forth, back and forth barking while the kids play and yell at him to shut up. Last winter my parents would call these idiots and ask them to please bring him in, my mom would take fresh water as his was frozen, and he was cold. The most they'd do is let him into the garage, I don't know if it's heated or not. My parents called the bylaw enforcement, and they said they went to the house, and he had food and shelter. End of that! Well when the weather got nicer, I was out in my parents back yard and the neighbour saw Shannon and called me over. He asked if I'd be interested in matching them. Wrong person to approach :eek: After I quietly explaned Shannon was spayed, and her age, I started to go on and on. I'm sorry, but just because it's a male, those people think it's a great way to make money, as putting him out to stud($500.00) per success. Unfortunately, there are always owners of females who only care if the male is registered and papered. Not if he's a titled champion, shown or anything.
So, I'm not going down again this weekend because I'll blow. My mother just called to ask, and I said I couldn't. I can't go down and see that poor guy, "the stud" as THEY call him, pace back and forth, back and forth, yelping and crying for attention all weekend. So,it's my own backyard, and I've asked my elderly parents to again, keep an eye on this guy, make sure he always has fresh water (he's always spilling his bowl and it gets hot outside anyway) and treats. And it's another weekend I lose out on missing my 80 year old parents, I hope they have many more. I'm thinking of you big boy and all those puppies your being forced to produce :angel:

August 12th, 2005, 06:19 PM
Shannon I know exactly how you feel. I have an identical situation happening in my neighbourhood!!

Dog tied up constantly outdoors in the elements, no attention, no socialization no nothing. He cries, barks does anything and everything for attention but to no avail. He is sad, lonely and has no idea why they don't love him. They got him as a pup and now he just tied up there like he doesn't belong.

He's supposed to be their protector so nobody breaks into the garage.

Isn't that lovely!

There are so many being neglected and abused.

I'm so sorry that you don't feel you can go to your parents because of this situation. I face this every day because it's so near to my home.

These poor dogs, and there are many many more!

doggy lover
August 12th, 2005, 06:26 PM
Some people don't deserve to have pets, but there is no end of these idiots that do.

August 12th, 2005, 10:10 PM
Too bad that dog could not slip away :pawprint: :pawprint: :pawprint: :pawprint: and find new owners that would cherish him. Sad life for such a beautiful animal. :sad:

August 13th, 2005, 06:40 AM
These are some of the reason I tell Ocean she is a lucky girl all the time. I look at her and the thought she might have ended up in a bad place makes me sad and I wonder about her brothers/sisters.

As for the neighbour, I know how you feel. There is something similar up the street from me. I think there should be stronger laws for protecting animals. If had TONS of money I often think I would be in trouble cause I would have a huge house and all the animals I could manage and then some.

August 13th, 2005, 08:29 AM
My oldest son,resently bought a house in Hamilton mountains,his next door neighbor is a BYB,he keeps 2 Beagles(male/female) and 1 German Shepard(stud)
outdoors year around either on chains or in cages.I am not sure how they are kept warm in the winter :sad:
I wish he(my son)had not told me,this will really bother me when I visit...but according to the neighbor,he is doing nothing illegal,breeding dogs for money is not against the law :evil: and according to HS,food,water and shelter is all they need,not ideal,but nothing can be done...which is really frustrating.
I've only seen the GSD,to me he looked too old to be a stud and at that time he was tied to a tree in front of the house.

August 15th, 2005, 07:20 AM
It is totally disgusting to chain up your dog like that. What is wrong with spending a few days/one week to toilet train the dog to do it outside and keep him inside, sheltered? I am disgusted.

I am disgusted at the human race.

I love snoopy and luna to death but sometimes I would like some peace (like when they bark at the million stray cats in my neighbourhood coming into our garden which they could see from the locked living room door) and sometimes I could murder them for waking me up at 6 am with their barking at the cats. But I would never chain or lock them up! Never. Not even when a visitor who is scared of dogs come. I tell my visitors please dont visit me if you are scared of dogs. These muslim women in headscarfs, who once hated dogs, now relent, as they want to have coffee with me. And now they love my dogs and ask about them when I am walking around the streets without the dogs. They all learned that dogs are cute and nice.

we must go and free these dogs.