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Doggie Beach

August 10th, 2005, 07:11 PM
We took Joey to the on leash doggie beach in our town for the first time. Most of the dogs were off leash which didnt bother me as they were well behaved and didnt bother us or anyone one else.
Joey was on the leash as he is still pretty new to us and I want him to have some obdience training first.
We hear this lady coming down the trail yelling "Heeel, Heeeel," come here Diango. A big Golden retreiver flys out of the trail with this lady, son and dad all calling this dog, that is running through everyones belongings and chasing all the dogs.
The dog then goes for a swim and heads straight for us. He tramples through all our stuff soaking everything our dry clothes and my husbands camera are now soaked. The lady thinks its funny and says her dog is only two and isnt obedient. No kidding
She had her leash in her hand and the dog continued to run soaking wet through everyones belongings. One couple took their dog and left, the other put their dog on the leash and told this dog to leave them alone.
We dried our stuff out sort of and again the dog came over soaking wet and soaked everything . The lady never even aoplogised she just laughed and thought it was funny. Their son (looked to be about 10 almost looked embarrased he was the only one who apolgised. I saw a lady talking to her and then she put her dog on a leash so perhaps she said something to her. :)

Shouldn't you have your dog on a leash if you cant control him, I realise it was a dog beach, but shouldn't we be able to enjoy it without some out of control soaking wet dog running through our stuff and terrorising our dog thats on a leash and minding his own business. I am new to doggie parks and beaches, is this normal, or was this woman just ignorant.

August 10th, 2005, 07:16 PM
If it is an on leash dog park, the dogs should be on leash regardless how well behaved they are. If you want your dog to be off leash then take them to a off leash park.
Off leash dogs tend to go to dogs being held and dogs on leash.