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Cat aggressive towards Dogs!

Tracy Martinez
August 10th, 2005, 12:46 PM
Hi, My 2 yr. old Cat Dori attacks any dog she comes into contact with. The huge problem I'm having now is that I happen to live in a duplex and my new neighbor has a puppy. (Adorable Australian Shepherd) If anyone opens the door and she smells a dog (or even thinks she does) she bolts and attacks! Yesterday this poor puppy had Dori hanging off her back, dragging her all around the yard yelping her poor little head off. She's also drawn blood around the puppy's mouth! This has already happened twice and it's only been a week. The only thing I can possibly think of to make her "hate" dogs is, the people we got her from had 2 dogs who killed a couple of kittens in her litter. Can cats remember that stuff? Is there any way possible to make this stop? Dori does have 3 kittens but this used to happen even before the babies. I have 3 kids and keeping them from letting Dori out when she is in attack mode is virtually impossible. My husband finally subdued her by the scruff of the neck, but she was hissing and freaking all the way into the house. And Dori is normally a very placid kitty. Help!

Lucky Rescue
August 10th, 2005, 02:53 PM
I have no answer to that. We adopted out a Manx cat who would attack any dog on sight, and without hesitation. We had to adopt her to a home in an apartment on an upper floor where she wouldn't see any dogs.

You'll have to try harder to keep her in the house.