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Harry Potter Vl-- SPOILER WARNING!!!Don't read if you haven't finished the book!!!!!

August 9th, 2005, 07:40 PM
Any one done the Half Blood Prince!?!?! I read it in 14 hours the day it arrived by Owl Post!! I am reading it again, because I couldn't believe what happened and I had to wait for my daughter to finish it.

August 9th, 2005, 07:44 PM
I can't read it for another week and a half!! It's sitting in front of me taunitng me!!!! AGGGGGGGGGHHH :evil:

August 9th, 2005, 07:49 PM
Oh my gawd, NO! I have a bunch of different conversations going on about this book all over the net. It's getting hard to remember what I said to whom. :p

I actually went to one of those midnight release parties. I was worried about being surrounded by a bunch of kids, but there were actually very few children there (lots of adults in velvet cloaks and pointy hats, though). Which was a good thing, since I had dragged my 40-something SIL with me so I wouldn't look quite as rediculous (she's older than I am, see?). :D Yeah, I had the book done by the Monday. I couldn't believe it either. Still don't believe it. I have several theories - none of which I'll post here to avoid spoiling it for anyone who hasn't read it yet. ;)

I've re-read it twice now, and have since started re-reading the whole series, looking for another "ah-ha!" moment. Funny how everything seems to have a hidden meaning these days. I wonder if JKR knows that she's turned us all into a bunch of conspiracy theorists! :D

So, what do you think about "the big event"? Is it as it seems to be??

August 9th, 2005, 08:26 PM
I am soooo shocked I was freaking out!! I cannot believe that Snape really declared himself, I don't believe Dumbledore would beg for his life, what about Occlumency?!?!? RAB is Regulus?? Dumbledore's patronus is a Phoenix, that has to mean something right?!?!?!

August 9th, 2005, 08:27 PM
:mad: :eek: :evil:
I can't crack.. I have to wait. Bahhh :(

August 9th, 2005, 08:44 PM
Spoiler warnings are to warn people who HAVEN'T read the book not the read the postings, so that people who HAVE read the book can discuss it!!!

August 9th, 2005, 08:45 PM
but you don't see the spoiler warnings until you open the thread! Ahh i'm fighting a losing battle.. i might as well go read it.

August 9th, 2005, 08:46 PM
Yes but they are also like saying "NUDE PICS OF THE ROCK!!" you know you're not supposed to look, but you can't help it. You can't have this conversation by pm? Puppyluv is studying for a HUGE exam and and this book is her reward. I think we should respect that. ;)

August 9th, 2005, 08:47 PM
Okay, whatever, lots of site have spoiler warnings, just thought I could talk about the book, nevermind!!! Jeesh

Besides, maybe other people want to talk about it, not just two people, wouldn't mind lots of peoples opinions

I didn't go to threads with Spoiler warnings at The Leaky Cauldron or Muggle.Net until I had finished the book for that very reason

August 9th, 2005, 09:14 PM
Really sorry, Freyja. :o I've PMd you my theories so far ... all three pages worth. :o And those are just the ones I remember without getting into a full-blown conversation about it. You should hear my sis and me when we get together - hubby leaves the room. :p

Yeah, I know I wouldn't be able to resist a spoiler warning either. Really bad self-control (which explains a lot about my life - LOL!). It's just so difficult carrying on this type of "conversation" in PM - especially since you're only allowed - like - a couple thousand characters per message! :eek:

LOL @ Prin - "nude pics of the rock" - for a second there, I actually thought you were talking about a stone! :D :p

Puppyluv, why can't you read it yet? Sorry, I know you mentioned that in another thread, but I forget the exact reason. :o I'd be dying!

August 9th, 2005, 09:33 PM
You have to read the book so you can hear Writing4Fun's theories!! They are fantastic!!!

August 9th, 2005, 11:16 PM
But I want to hear writing4fun's theories. *pout*

August 10th, 2005, 12:15 AM

I too bought the book (well several, some for the oncology unit, one for a patient who actually died this week - expectedly but it still hurts and she adored Harry) and read the whole thing asap.

I have some theories myself - I do not think it is the end of Snape or the person who allegedly died, there is sooooo much more to come. I have had very long winded discussions about this with many ppl and would like to hear Writing4Fun's and anyone else's theories. Not many ppl actually believe what happened actually did if that makese sense. You know who is simply too smart!! (and I do not mean he who will not be named). There is a subplot in all of that. And you have to think back to that picture on the wall in Sirus' house -

Some observations to consider:

It was that in the Order of the Phoenix, in a brief listing of objects in theBlack house, was a heavy locket that no one could open..wonder if that is the "real" horcrux locket that Harry and D went after but did not get?

Many think Snape and D are in collusion to help Harry defeat Voldemort - and die doing so. Keep in mind that Snape is a teacher, as was JK Rowling

Hagrid overhead Snape & Dumbledore? Remember?

"In the books, the person who fears death most is Voldemort. We learn in Book Six that he cut up his soul so that he might never have to die, but in doing so he killed the part of him that was eternal. This is contrasted with Dumbledore, who lived his life soul-fully; he kept his soul intact. Dumbledore says that Voldemort "was in such a hurry to mutilate his own soul, he never paused to understand the incomparable power of a soul that is untarnished and whole. (HBP 511)"

JKR revealed in an interview, posted here

that Voldemort was afraid of death and his boggart would be himself dead. It's neat how so many themes are becoming more apparent as the series progresses, so that astute readers can pick up on them.

Another interesting url.

August 10th, 2005, 07:07 AM
LOL! Well, there were three pages of PMs to Freyja (yup, three pages), which I didn't keep. So, if Freyja kept them, she's free to pass them along to anyone who's willing to listen to my ranting. They're not "my" theories, btw - they're theories we came up with when my sister, a friend of her's, my SIL and I got together to chat about the book, along with a bunch of input from ;) Here ( is another interesting read (SPOILER ALERT! DON'T EVEN LOOK AT THE URL FOR THIS ONE IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOK YET, OR YOU'LL KNOW MORE THAN YOU WANT TO!! :evil: )

August 10th, 2005, 10:01 AM

Heavy spoilers below!!!!!! WARNING WARNING (okay everyone satisfied?, you have been warned, it is up you your own discretion now, I bear no responsibility for the information that follows!!!)

This is Writing4Fun's missive!!! Very exciting theories.....
Here we go...

1) Is Dumbledore really dead? I don't think so. Yes, he has to disappear so that Harry can face Voldejerk on his own. But, does he have to die? I don't think so. The fact that Harry thinks he's dead is enough. I think DD is still around, and will continue looking for the horcruxes under cover. Hey, JKR has used the "fake his own death" plotline once before, and since when does she do anything only once?

2) So who was at the top of the tower? I think DD enlisted the help of Snape and - get this - Narcissa Malfoy to help with the "faking his own death" thing. Narcissa has been playing DD for the better part of the book, with the assistance of polyjuice potion. Hey, if Crabbe & Goyle can pretend to be girls, it only stands to reason that JKR will have a woman playing a man at some point. I've never seen DD get angry at Harry, yet he/she got angry when Harry was voicing his suspicions about Draco. DD must have offered help in saving Malfoy and protecting all of them, since Snape was now involved because of the unbreakable vow. That's why DD pleaded with Snape at the top of the tower - it wasn't DD pleading for his life, it was Narcissa pleading with Snape to do what he had to do to protect Draco. Remember that argument that DD and Snape supposedly had outside the forbidden forest? It wasn't about being a spy - it was about pretending to kill DD, or really killing Narcissa, if push came to shove.

3) Is Snape really evil? No. If he was, he would have killed Flitwick when he came to fetch Snape, instead of just stunning him, and he would have killed the two girls waiting outside of his office, instead of telling them Flitwick fainted and sending them in the office (out of harm's way) to help him. If he was really evil, he would have killed Harry instead of warning him. "Keep your mind closed and your mouth shut" - meaning learn occlumency and non-verbal spells. He said he was saving him for Volde-whatsit to kill on his own. Nope. Crouch Jr. saved Harry just long enough to bring his master back to life, but when push came to shove, he had no qualms about killing Harry for his master, even though LV had said he wanted to be the one to kill Harry. Why would Snape be any different? Because a) he's not really evil OR b) he made an unbreakable vow with DD not to harm Harry, which is the real reason DD trusted Snape beyond all reason.

Which leads me to my next clue about DD not really being dead. If an unbreakable vow about Harry was made, it would be broken when one of the parties dies, as seen at the top of the tower. Harry says he knew DD (Narcissa?) was dead because the freezing charm placed on him had lifted, which would only happen if the person who cast it was dead. Same would go for the unbreakable vow, I would think. So, if Snape really was evil, he still couldn't kill Harry because he had made that unbreakable vow and knew that DD wasn't really dead and so had to uphold it.

4) What about the portrait in the headmaster's office? Well, the only thing we know about the portraits is that they are of the former headmasters/mistresses, right? Just so happens that all of the other heads are dead at the moment. But no where does she tell us that they have to be dead, just no longer the head. So, if DD is still alive but has now gone into hiding, he can no longer be headmaster, right? Making him a "former head", putting his picture on the wall.

5) The spell that wasn't? OK, every other time the Avada Kedavra curse is performed, the person just crumples to the ground, dead. DD is blown off his feet, over the ramparts, onto the ground below. The only other time I've seen anyone get blown off their feet is when a strong stunning curse is cast. Like when McGonagal is stunned in book V - she's lifted off the ground, as if in slow-motion. The theory running around the HP bulletin boards these days is that Snape may have "said" Avada Kedavra aloud, but "thought" another curse instead. SO much emphasis was placed on the non-verbal spells in this book, it would make sense that Snape, a very powerful wizard in his own right, would have employed that method. So, if it really was DD and not Narcissa, as I so firmly believe, then he wasn't really killed, only stunned.

6) Phoenix tears. As we learned in book II, phoenix tears have healing powers. Is that why Fawkes went on and on and on in his lament? He seemed to go on for ages, but JKR didn't really pay that much attention to it. Was he trying to revive DD/Narcissa, heal all the wounds that would have been incurred by the stunning spell/fall from the tower?

7) Speaking of Fawkes... We saw him save DD's life in book V by swallowing the AK curse. We saw him save Harry's life by attacking the basilisk. Where was he this time around? If that really was DD on top of the tower, wouldn't Fawkes have come to his rescue yet again??

August 10th, 2005, 01:13 PM
LOL @ Prin - "nude pics of the rock" - for a second there, I actually thought you were talking about a stone! :D :p

Puppyluv, why can't you read it yet? Sorry, I know you mentioned that in another thread, but I forget the exact reason. :o I'd be dying!
In another thread in the pics forum everybody was drooling over the Rock, so I used him as an example. :p
Puppyluv is doing the MCATs. That LIFE CHANGING, Career DETERMINING, 10 hour exam. (Did I freak you out Puppyluv? Oops. You can't come in here till after your exam. It'll be too late then..) :D

August 10th, 2005, 01:20 PM
Ooohhhh! Yes! Way, WAY more important than a silly book! Back to work, young lady!! If you're reading this, you're in HUGE trouble! :p