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update on apt search

August 9th, 2005, 12:26 PM
With a heck of alot of searching, I finally found an apt. No roomate for me
(YEAH!). First floor, and they actually allowed a rottweiler. I did about 100 phone calls, and only 2 places accepted rotties :(. I have to do a little financial turn around, but I can do it

August 9th, 2005, 02:02 PM
Good for you Rottielover!! I hope it all turns out well for you! :grouphug:

August 9th, 2005, 02:19 PM
I also wish you good luck,been there done that,have my own place now,it is a struggle every day but love it love it,nothing like your own place...Good for u................ :crazy:

August 9th, 2005, 02:20 PM
Yey! Good luck!!! :fingerscr :)