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Sad pet store story...

August 7th, 2005, 04:54 PM
I was just at the dog park and my man's friends showed up with a dobie. They were talking about Drag, one friend's black german shepherd.

What I didn't realize till later was the guy with the dobie was the guy who owned Drag (my man has so many friends- it is incredibly hard to remember them all...) so I asked another what happened to Drag. I was told he was euthanized for mauling somebody.

The guy bought this dog on a whim at a pet store because it reminded him of the dog he had before his dad died.

Right off the bat, at 8 weeks old, it had severe knee problems (the knees were almost dragging on the ground), and it had serious aggression issues. He went to several trainers and none could break the aggression. The dog bit his mom so he moved out. The dog bit everyone of his friends, so he left him home and had no visitors. He did everything he could to curb the aggression in this dog, to no avail. And now the dog he bought in memory of his dad has died for a horrible reason and has left a horrible memory.

That's the thing with pet stores. You don't know where your dog is coming from nor do you have any idea what the temperment of the parents was. It's a really sad story.