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Pope Ratzinger Is A Lover Of Cats!

Derek & Jeter
August 7th, 2005, 12:18 AM
Was looking for religion, animal ethics and found these uplifting stories. The link for the top one is a book by a man who studied animals in the bible and is convinced that animals go to heaven. That link is in Rainbow furum too.

Pope Ratzinger Is A Lover Of Cats!

by Niki Behrikis Shanahan

The recently elected 78-year-old pope, Joseph Ratzinger, loves cats! Pope Ratzinger has a house in Germany that he had built in 1970. The house is on a quiet street with a walled garden. A bronze sculpture of the Virgin Mary gazes over beds of roses and daffodils, while a statue of a cat stands next to a sliding glass door. The pope, says his neighbor, Rupert Hafbauer, adores cats. While he doesn't live in the house any longer full-time, he visits there on holidays, vacations, and special occasions.

THE POPE & THE HOMELESS CATS: John Paul II had a dream
By: J.R. Hyland
The first time I read the account of Pope John Paul II's dream, the thing that surprised me most was the fact that it was included in the book GOD'S BROKER. Published in 1984, the book was the result of two hundred hours of conversation with the Pope. These interviews began soon after the author, Anton Gronowicz, was introduced to the Pope in 1979, and continued for two years, in the Pontiff's apartment at the Vatican...

Subtitled "The Life of John Paul II as told in His Own Words" the subject matter of the book ranges from reminiscences of the time when the Pope was known as Karol Wojtyla, a young man living under the Nazi occupation of Poland, to his reflections on social justice issues, theology and church doctrine. And in the midst of these human-centered concerns, the author devotes four pages to a dream the Pope related to him, about a homeless cat...