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Vet says all ok but there has to be a problem

August 6th, 2005, 12:23 AM
Hey all.... I took my Cat to the vet Wednesday because she appears to have a sore bottom and tail (mid section of tail)... The vet told me she was fine and that she probably just is 'territorial' of her back end... I think this is ridiculous and want a second opinion... but worried about havin to pay another 100$ if it really is nothing... any help/advice would be great! (because i really think my vet is a quack)

August 6th, 2005, 08:05 AM
You should definitely find another vet if you're not comfortable with this one. Trust your instincts - they're usually right. ;) If you think your cat is not acting normally, then go to another vet for a second opinion. Where (about) are you in Ontario? My vet (in Barrie) charges $50 for the consult. Good luck, and keep us posted.

(eta) Oops! Forgot to ask! Is she an indoor cat, or an indoor/outdoor cat? Has she been spayed? How old is she? I'm presuming this is new behaviour, otherwise you wouldn't really be concerned about it. Could she have gotten injured (like, could someone have stepped on her tail inadvertently)?

August 6th, 2005, 08:46 AM
Yeah this vet seems to not be a very good one... for example i told her that Lucky didnt have worms (becasue the lady i adopted her from had her vet checked) but they forced me to have her have all these tests done or they would not spay her... it only cost around 40 bucks but still it was an uneeded test since Lucky had been tested already.

Lucky and I are in Hamilton and she is a strictly indoor cat, she doesnt even go on my balcony. well the only difference in her behaviour is she meows at me when i pet her bottom or stroke her tail... one time i tried to feel for a lump or something and she got angry and batted at me then put her mouth on my hand... i guess a warning nibble? anyway other then that shes been normal happy (crazy) Lucky her tail in the air with the little curve etc.

she was spayed May 13th 2005, shes a strict indoor cat, shes about a year and a few months, very skinny, about 4.5 lbs (vet said shes the runt), Im not extremely concerned about it but i dont want something minimal to turn into something huge later... No Its just her and myself living in our apartment and I keep all the doors open with stoppers... i dont see anyway she could have gotten injured which is why im kinda at a loss here...

A co-worker of mine has referred me to her vet as well as my parents have talked to theirs about bringing Lucky in. so thats covered. Ive been trying to find information about injuries to cats tails but i havent been too successful... other then this sore bottom and tail she is completely normal... well as normal as any crazy calico can be... lol

Thanks for responding!

August 6th, 2005, 03:17 PM
Take your cat to the cat clinic in hamilton they are really good there and will make payment arrangements for you also.they only charge $53 for check-up and she may even let you bring the cat in without paying right now, but making a payment arrangement.the vet there (Liz O'Brien ) is really nice and also really good. so call them. i just brought my sasha in there and they even called to check up on her. how nice is that.The number is 905-387-4151.

August 7th, 2005, 06:12 AM
thanks... but ive heard not very nice things about the cat clinic on concession st... im going to wait a couple more days and see what Lucky does because yesterday she wasnt so 'territorial' of her back end... and its not that i cant pay for my vet bills i just dont want to pay more money if it turns out to be nothing... and Lucky's just being 'testy'.

August 7th, 2005, 06:26 AM
What you need to watch out for: not eating/drinking, hiding, licking her 'hind parts' excessively, crying for no apparent reason, changes in behaviour such as following you around more than usual, diarhea or vomiting, panting.

A stray I found started to exhibit the same behaviour, growled when he was touched, particularly towards his tail and his tummy, but he was still eating quite well. Wasn't interested in playing or have much energy, which I thought might have something to do with the hot weather. I waited for a couple of days, but when he started to hide, that to me was a sign and I ended up taking him to the vet, who found he had a fever and put him on antibiotics. We have no idea what exactly is wrong, but that is not unusual; and in most cases antibiotics will take care of the problem.

Hope your cat's OK.

August 7th, 2005, 07:49 PM
You haven't heard good things about that clinic.Wow cause when i went there they has shelves upon shelves of patient files.And they were the only vet that would take my cat in when it was an emergency. She was really good with Sasha. But i guess it is your decision on where you want to bring the cat in.Good Luck anyway!!

August 8th, 2005, 01:24 AM
well a clinic can have shelves of files but doesnt mean they are all active... anyway I will not be bringing Lucky there...

Ok Lucky is eatting normally, drinking lots (cuz its hot and we dont have a/c)... shes still as crazy as always (her activity is normal).... and she seems to be ok... i 'tested' out her tail today and she didnt growl or even get phased by it... so maybe she just jumped down and landed on her bum instead of her back paws... or she just wasnt payinf attention... ill keep ya posted if it happens again... but ive decided to take her to my coworkers vet... shes super cool and promised she wont do anythin i say no to. YAY!