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Serious Abuse and Neglect to Pitties...

August 4th, 2005, 10:51 PM
Hey guys..I dunno if I told you, but I got a summer student job at the shelter in the cruelty investigations dept. Its quite exciting, but at the same time..its sooo horrifying....the stuff you see...its exactly like they show on TV...animal precinct and stuff...its terrible..

anyways, today I was out for a round and this guy has two beautiful pitties..he leaves them chained up in the backyard 24 7...and he doesn't even live in that house..he just comes back to check on see if they are still alive basically....when I went there, they didn't even have food or was 36 C today...and the male pittie was was a few hours dead because when I had to remove it from the yard, the dog's body was very was covered in flies..and it smelled ooooh sooo terrible...

and on top of that, the female pittie, the other dog....was pregnant...besides her buldging tummy and large teets..the dog was obviously was very skinny and weak...and scared!...we removed her as well..her entire face and ears were covered in fly bites to the point where there were actual open wounds..these dogs were left in a yard with no grass..on an uneven concrete with jagged rocks....home sweet home~ we took pictures and stuff and hopefully something can be done in court with this guy...when we were removing the dogs, his cousin (who owns the house but NOT the dogs)...came out of the house to talk to us..he was all calm like "Oh, one of the dogs died?"....didn't even care...and had the nerve to ask us "so, where can my cousin call to pick up the female?"...I swear I was sooo close to ripping his throat out...

Well, that was my story for the day...since we have to keep this stuff "confidential"... I'm not mentioning the guys name..although I'm tempted to contact a few hired assassins... these guy's info should be right out in the open for anyone to just go to his house and kick his azz....

and here Michael Bryant is blaming the DOGS and letting the idiots get off with a slap on the wrist..hint hint Bryant...STRENGTHEN THOSE ANIMAL LAWS THAT HAVEN"T BEEN UPDATED LITERALLY FOR OVER 100 YEARS YOU MORON... PUNISH THE DEED, NOT THE BREED~!!!!!!!!!!

*is now done venting and sits down to have an iced tea*...

August 4th, 2005, 11:09 PM
It's a difficult thing to do , to see and to be involved with. The most difficult is the pain and suffering these dogs face. Shameful of humanity to do these things.

I know you're going to see a lot more then this, I will hope you will be able to cope with it okay. It's definitely hard on the emotions.

August 5th, 2005, 08:05 AM
That's so sad. :sad: I hope what goes around comes around 10 fold for the owner.

August 5th, 2005, 08:57 AM
You know Pitbulliest, if you ever want to take a ride in the RED RANGER, just let me know. And FYI, it has enough ground clearance to go over curbs at speed (and down sidewalks, through parks, backyards, anywhere else some jerk may be running away) :evil:

I admire you for doing this. There are going to be the rewarding days as well, keep that in mind. And also, concentrate on the one you saved. You're doing good work. And I'm sure the extra hugs you Messina every day is making him happy, too!

August 5th, 2005, 08:59 AM
That is sickening :mad: I hope this guy gets charged and jailed big time! Reality though, he'll probably get nothing more than a slap on the hand :mad:

I don't understand how people can do this! Cruel and heartless - this guy doesn't belong in society.

August 5th, 2005, 11:11 AM
Thats why I could never, never be an animal control officer or a police officer, I would just lose it on idiots like that, becuse I know the courts will do nothing. My new pit mercedes was rescued from a townhouse back yard, the guy was a trucker, gone for days at a time and Mercedes was tied out 24/7 with no shelter, water,food,and no one to care for her. She is doing fine now,happy and healthy, they guy is banned from owning a dog for 5 years. People like Bryant and the rest of his mindless followers will never see the real picure, and the people of Ontario and the defenceless animals out there will pay the price, while Bryant and is loyal buddeis fill the pockets with money and pat themselves on the back :mad:

August 5th, 2005, 12:22 PM
Ahh man. I can't handle that.

I just don't understand. It tears me apart.

Pittbulliest this must be sooo hard for you. I hope you relaize the work you do is so very important!

August 5th, 2005, 05:08 PM
Im soo sorry to hear about the dogs and yourself going through this Pitbulliest..but thats great that your willing to take on that kind of heart wrenching work. Schwinn is right you have to concentrate on the dog you saved! What will happen to her now?

August 5th, 2005, 10:28 PM
Small update...we took the dead male into the lab to have an autopsy...we'll see what the results bring in...its getting complicated...we're hearing alot of lies now...the owner of the two dogs called us today and informed us that he was on vacation and got a friend to look after the seems like he's already trying to push the responsibility off of his shoulders...furthermore..the dead male was not starved to actually looked like it was in decent shape...except for the crappy that leaves us with either him choking himself to death, heat stroke, heart attack, or dehydration..I really can't think of other might not be a positive thing for our case...

Either way...the female is pregnant..she is at the shelter and she's not even a year old..the guy sure wanted to start early...dang byb breeder..poor thing is scared poopless...and by the looks of it, if we have trouble with this case, he might in the long run stand a chance of getting the female back!!!!!!!!!!...he already called us and asked when he's gonna get his dog back...didn't even care about the dead one..pssh..

So, for now that's all I can supervisor is still gathering any evidence she can dig up to put a file together and get this thing into court...IF...he does win the case, then I'm at the very least praying that the vet bills (for the female and upcoming pups) are high enough to keep him from getting the dog back. He seems like a bum so hopefully I'm right...I'm sooo paranoid about the future of this dog right now...she looks a whole lot better and she's only been with us for 24 hours...the vet techs cleaned her up and did a good job on her cuts and wounds...gave her food and water and a nice soft bed in a quieter area of the shelter...she's a wonderful wonderful girl...excellent temperament and great with other dogs too...

God, you guys please keep praying..I'm so friggen angry right now at this whole situation you have no idea. At this point, I'm pretty dang desperate and if worse comes to worse and heaven falls down (meaning this guy eventually gets the dog back), I am personally willing to go to his house and bargain with him to sell me the dog so that I can rehome it..I swear I'll do it.....!!!

Thanks for all the positive feedback you guys...I'll keep updating you on this its extremely important to me...don't get me wrong, all the others I've dealt with so far are very important, but this dog has really gotten my soft spot.

Bluntman...5 years? You are very lucky...because the max amount of years you are banned from owning an animal in Ontario is 2 that is amazing...I've heard rumors that they want to change that to a lifetime ban..which would be excellent..I don't know if any of you are aware, but Ontario's animal legislation has not been updated for over 100 years...meaning animals are still regarded as "property" a lamp...or a pencil for cryin out loud!...I think if any positive changes are going to happen for animals in the future, it needs to start with some serious changes to the legislation...updating is LONG overdue...and last October, when a proposal to update BILL 10b was brought up, the senators voted against it....I WONDER WHY!!!!!!!!

Ok..phew..that felt good..thanks for listening to me really helps after a long week of CRAPOLA