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Diabetic Cat

August 3rd, 2005, 10:55 AM
My 17 year old cat Cleo was diagnosed with diabetes 3 weeks ago. We chose to put her on the oral medication (glyburide - 1/4 of a tablet once a day) rather than insulin. She's been up and down at this stage - she was put back on amoxicillian yesterday due to an infection. She was on Purina Diabetic food, but she didn't care for it so she was switched to Hill's WD yesterday (which she loves and ate a whole bowl). She will have a fructosemine test next week to see how her glucose has been over the past couple of weeks. I'm having trouble finding much info on others who have gone the oral medication route and especially with a geriatric cat. ANYBODY who has any info to share on meds, food, care etc. I would love to hear it. I feel a bit alone in this! Thanks.

August 5th, 2005, 09:48 AM
I don't have any info for you, but I hope everything works out for you and your cat.