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VERY Graphic Photo!- Pit Bull vs Porcupine

August 3rd, 2005, 09:36 AM
:eek: I got this emailed to me this morning, so I don't know the dog or the owners. Just looking at the photos makes me cringe. Our corgi x (Boon) once had a meeting with a porcupine, but nothing like this! This actually looks like this poor guy got attacked by a whole group of them! :(

August 3rd, 2005, 09:37 AM
Another view

August 3rd, 2005, 09:46 AM
Ouch! :eek:

August 3rd, 2005, 09:48 AM
Any update on how he is doing and whether they were able to get them all out. It would have to have caused a lot of damage to this poor guy. The porcupine really got the best of him. Seeing as he is not covered in blood I would have to assume that the porcupine survived though a little bald now.

August 3rd, 2005, 09:49 AM
OMG! I really wish I hadn't seen that! I feel really sick right now. That poor dog. I really hope that it was okay and managed to recover from this ordeal. I don't even know what to say. The poor dog. :sad:

August 3rd, 2005, 09:50 AM
With that many quills I would have to say that SHE probably got the best of the porcupine :eek:
I think the dog in the picture is an English bull terrier rather then a pit bull though.

August 3rd, 2005, 09:51 AM
I don't have any information on the poor doggy. I did respond to the email to ask if they knew the dog or the owners but I haven't gotten a response yet. If I do get anymore information, I'll post it.

August 3rd, 2005, 09:59 AM
I think the dog in the picture is an English bull terrier rather then a pit bull though.
I think you may be right. It does look a lot like an English Bull Terrier.

August 3rd, 2005, 10:11 AM
I did a search and came up with this...

Comments: Apart from the fact that the poor dog pictured above is a bull terrier, not a pit bull, these pictures are authentic. They were originally posted by the dog's owner on the Citytv Community Board on May 25, 2005. The terrier's name is Inca.

"Thousands of quills were embedded even in her tongue," her owner wrote. "The vets worked for quite some time to get quills out and even still could not get them all. The one's that are left will work themselves out over time. Inca is home and on antibiotics and pain killers."

In a follow-up post dated July 13, Inca's owner reported that "she is just fine and has just the odd broken bit come out once in awhile. Other than that she is back to her old self."

Moral of the story: dogs and porcupines don't mix.

August 3rd, 2005, 10:33 AM
The subject line in the email I got said Pit bull, and since I couldn't see past the quills *shudder*, I didn't notice that it wasn't really a pitty.

Thanks for the information Wudjah! It's nice to know that the poor darling is doing good!

August 3rd, 2005, 10:35 AM
Thanks for posting that update! I'm glad to hear that Inca is doing well and is back to her old self. Thanks again.

I found this link:

August 3rd, 2005, 11:43 AM
Thanks for the link! I followed it and then also sent the link to the person who sent me the original email.

August 3rd, 2005, 12:56 PM
Daisy got in a scrap with a porcupine once. Her face looked like a giant koosh ball. Apparently she had gone back for more. Like in this situation, I kept picturing a naked porcupine running away going, "WTF do I have to do??"

August 3rd, 2005, 01:41 PM
lol Schwinn!

Thanks for putting the update. I had received the photo and wondered how the poor dog faired. What agony it must have been.

August 3rd, 2005, 07:13 PM
Oh my gosh!!! I had to immediately scroll down with my eyes closed Yikes...I went back once I read he was going to be okay ohhh poor guy...cringe cringe

doggy lover
August 3rd, 2005, 07:19 PM
Ouch, how stupid was the dog to keep at the porcupine. My last dog Travis got a couple of quils in his lip once and that was it. It was kind of silly in the last summer that he was alive he got into a porkie and sprayed by a skunk, and this was a dog at 9 and a half years of age that had been going to the country since he was 6 months old. I'd hate for Tucker to run into a porkie as he is so nosey.

August 3rd, 2005, 07:54 PM
I knew of a dog, a pit bull/lab mix, that went after porcupines at every chance he got. You would think that he would have learned his lesson the first time or that his owner's would have learned to keep him contained. This was a dog that had got shot by the police (through no fault of his own) and was carried out of the house he ran into by a veterinarian who didn't even have to sedate him. Some dogs, especially the bull&terrier types, have a high pain threshold!!!
BTW, he was shot by the police before being adopted by the people I knew (who let him run loose and chase porkies) - this was about 15 years ago or so, not new news!

August 3rd, 2005, 09:54 PM
Picture of Inca pre-quilling, she is a bull terrier.

August 4th, 2005, 07:55 AM
She is pretty. Bull Terriers are awesome dogs! Known as the clowns of the dog world.

As for the pain that she endured with all those quills, Bull Terriers, AmStaff, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, APBT and Bulldogs are dogs that were bred to fight and/or bull baiting, due to this, they have extremely high tresholds for pain. Their adrenalin kicks in and they are extremely focussed on their "task" and don't feel the pain at all. That is why many will continue to attack, they don't feel the pain during their "mission".

August 4th, 2005, 08:24 AM
If that pic was taken before hand it looks like it may not have been the first time this bully has been involved with a porcupine. They never learn do they.

August 4th, 2005, 09:49 AM
When I showed the pix to hubby - he said it was probably the other two dogs telling Inca - "hey, see that thing over there? Go get it - it'll be fun, really!". Since the other two dogs present didn't get any quills.

Our Boon (corgi x) got sprayed by a skunk and was quilled (once each) during her lifetime. The skunk was in the alley behind our house and Boon was in the fenced yard, so she must've stood right at the fence while the skunk prepared to spray. I would imagine that Sheena (the coyote) was probably at the other side of the yard going "yeah, stay right there - keep barking. the folks are gonna love this!" When she got quilled, I know that she thought she was protecting our camp - and she only got a few quills in her snout so it wasn't like she kept after the porcupine. :p

August 4th, 2005, 11:11 PM
When Akeija was alive she liked all animals. She introduced herself to a skunk. Good thing I was home because my husband was born with no sense of smell and would have let her in the house. :eek: Anyway when I went outside 60 pounds of sucky leaped onto me. Now I know why dogs drag thier faces into the ground. :yuck: I had to go wake my neighbours up to ask they if I smelled like skunk. They peed their selves laughing. Me and Akaija stayed outside all night with my husband asking through the window "You guys all right out there?" She also introduced herself to a porky also. Only got 2 quills in the side of her face. Now my dad's dog is kind of stupid. She went after this porky 3 times in one week. My dad almost had a heart attack. Everytime she had to go to the vet and get all this quills out. She bit the porky all three time so she had a mouth full of quills each time. Dad had someone trap the porqupine and move it to another location. Figured it would be cheaper that way. :p

August 7th, 2005, 05:11 PM
thats jsut sick really, firstly did the porcupines get attention, i would say thay are dead anyway, and secoundly how does a dog get in that position?? we have echidnas here that are jsut as dangerous and i certainly monitor my dog in the bush for them, if my dog attacked one i am able to be fined a huge amount for letting a dog attack a native animal... and i owuld deserve it, if a person cannot control a dog it should not be off lead, native animals need protection too.... :mad:

i would kick that owners butt and then have them charged for animal abuse and being incredibly inrrisponsible...

August 7th, 2005, 05:19 PM
It's not the porcupine's fault, it's the irresponsible porcupine owners. ;) (I'm kidding, eh?)

August 7th, 2005, 05:44 PM
and fine the procupine, its made as real mess defending itself and shoudld cop a porcupine fine, like 6 ants or such i assume :D

August 7th, 2005, 05:46 PM
And he should definitely have to wear a body muzzle.

doggy lover
August 7th, 2005, 05:51 PM
I can't believe an animal would get that aggresive to something that was hurting the hell out of him. Its like the dog is bonkers or something?

August 7th, 2005, 05:53 PM
Maybe it was the porcupine that kept attacking the dog. :) Maybe the porky is the nutjob.

Seriously, though, I know of people who lose it when they get hurt.

August 7th, 2005, 06:50 PM
Poor dog,glad everything is ok now.