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August 3rd, 2005, 09:21 AM

Wed, August 3, 2005

Dogs get death sentenceCourt orders attack dogs destroyed

A TRIO of pitbull-bull mastiff crosses, who twice attacked kids in the Bayshore area, will be destroyed, a justice of the peace ruled yesterday.

Schridev Cafe had months to save the lives of Jada and her year-old puppies Agua and Akasha, Justice of the Peace Darrell Bartraw said, turning down a bid for a stay of execution and ordering the dogs destroyed in 10 days.

"There will be no further adjournments of this matter to find new potential owners," Bartraw said.

Cafe sat expressionless in the prisoner's dock as he was banned from owning dogs for 15 years.

Relief spread across the face of Robert Adams, 16, who fought off a terrifying attack in January. The dogs set on him and his four-year-old brother Justin Echlin as they skated in their yard.

Less than a month later, the dogs bloodied a toddler and his dad despite an order that they be leashed and muzzled.

"I'm glad he's not going to own any dogs for 15 years," Adams said. "I'm glad the dogs will be destroyed.

"If they're allowed to live, somebody would probably get killed by the three dogs."

Canine behaviour expert Cheryl Smith fought back tears.


She assessed the dogs on her own time and concluded they could be kept safely by responsible owners.

But lawyer Jason Gilbert withdrew a publication ban bid on any prospective owner's name because none came forward.

"Not with the publicity," Smith said. "They just don't want their name in the paper. This is a breed that attracts strong opinions."

The dogs are paying the price for Cafe's neglect.

"They're nice dogs, they really are," Smith said.

Gilbert didn't dispute that Cafe is an unfit owner or the dogs potentially dangerous. He asked that the dogs be handed over to the Humane Society -- which has already billed Cafe $4,200 for their care -- or their destruction delayed.

He cited testimony from a Crown witness who said the dogs could be kept safely if they're separated from other dogs and kids, spayed or neutered, trained, leashed and muzzled.

"What we have really in this situation is dogs who are a clean slate --they haven't received any training," Gilbert said. "That's the tragedy of this case is there was no opportunity to do that prior to the dogs being seized."

"My friend has missed the point," city lawyer Stuart Huxley retorted. "The tragedy of this case is found in the descriptions of how this dog attack affected not only the victims of these attacks but their families and the community."

Cafe's legal troubles won't die with the dogs.

He's still facing more than $30,000 in fines for bylaw offences and three charges of criminal negligence causing bodily harm in connection with the second attack.

He's been in jail since being charged in connection with an aggravated assault and assault in May.

White Wolf
August 3rd, 2005, 09:25 AM
We're losing! We need more voters. ;)

August 3rd, 2005, 10:00 AM
Too bad there was not a Don't punish the dogs,jail owners now, ban them from ever owning dogs again, and rehome dogs to responsible homes with help of Cheryl Smith.

August 3rd, 2005, 10:23 AM
All I know is that must be the toughest 16 year old to fight off 3 vicious dogs, without a scratch, no less!

And I'm glad to see that these mastiffs are now pitbull crosses. I mean, if they weren't pitbulls, I'm sure this attack would never have happened. Excellent reporting!

(My sarcasm metre asplode!)

August 12th, 2005, 06:42 AM
One of the dogs has been adopted, two left. If these dogs were the least bit aggressive they would never have been allowed to be adopted. Personally, even at the time when they were in the news I had thought they were not agrressive but with a few bad manners. We can't let them die for having bad manners.